Otokonoko / Traps / Crossdressing

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Re: Otokonoko / Traps / Crossdressing

Post by darkhomer17 » 2018 Jan 27, 22:07

Just realized that represents what we see as your account avatar photo.

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Re: Otokonoko / Traps / Crossdressing

Post by FutaManticore » 2018 Apr 26, 16:44

Gotta say, that's pretty damn sexy!
As somebody who believes less is more, the clothing really accentuates your figure while leaving the imagination open to exploration.
Also, the photo where you censor both your nipples and crotch simultaneously is pretty ingenious!

I've only crossdressed twice in my life, and both were for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Safe to say between my body type and the discomfort of shaving meant several aspects of my male identity weren't very well hidden.
All round obsessor of Monster Girls, Futanari and Furries. Paws are hot, tails are sexy and animal ears are cute.
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Re: Otokonoko / Traps / Crossdressing

Post by tomoebi » 2018 May 07, 10:24

i always want to crossplay, i used to be slender in my early 20, typical asian built. but im almost 30 now and a bit bulky. really need to working out again so i can achieve this life goal. :D

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Re: Otokonoko / Traps / Crossdressing

Post by AkaiHebi » 2018 Nov 28, 10:57

Some pics to celebrate Good Knee High Socks Day 8-) #いいニーハイの日
いいニーハイの日 2018 a1.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 a2.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 a3.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 b1.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 b2.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 b3.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 c1.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 c2.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 c3.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 d1.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 d2.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 d3.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 e1.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 e2.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 e3.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 f1.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 f2.jpg
いいニーハイの日 2018 f3.jpg