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What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 Feb 08, 15:40
by Cr4zyDuck
Just curious to know, I've personnaly already watched a LOT since I became an otaku so it's kind of difficult to me to make a choice.
So let's try it this way, what hentai made me cum the most ? Ok, now that's way easier.

I would say first, Ane Haramix. And the reason would firstly be because I love incest between brother/sister. The story is crazy as fuck too, but who seriousely watch hentai for the plot ? An other point would be when Hitomi gets pregnant due to her brother daily shots in her pussy in the last couple of episodes. This excites me as fuck, I mean seeing a girl being fucked while she's already having a baby, man...

Other one might be After Class Lessons. This time, perverted science teach who randomly rape girls throughout the academy while using some special "skills". Pretty classic, but the sex scene are really enjoyable.

Gakuen Saimin Reido. Hypnosis, revenge, rape, futa, cutie girls... with the main character being a real dumbass hated by his classmates. The artwork is really nicely done and I loved the concept too.

Gakuen de Jikan Yo Tomare, kind of like saimin reido with flow of time being stopped by the protagonist so that he will take the time to fuck and rape each and every girl of his academy. Yeah you did noticed it too ? Rape in hentai is a basical rule, but even though it always turns me on us fuck (main reason why I haven't watched 3D porn since years, boring as fuck...)

Fault! series ~ Because I absolutely love the mood of the story and must of all the character, in particular Mio ! (yeah yeah, lolicon spotted...)

Bible Black, maybe one of the most famous hentai ever ? I don't know actually, but even though I absolutely loved watching it ! It's one of the only hentai in which I was deeply caught up into the plot as well as the mood of the story. I've also played both games, really awesome btw. You basically and up discovering way more things while playing them since the hentai animation is simply a short recap of the true story. (in the eroge, playing time to conclude a single path is around 30 hours). Moreover, all the scenes are way more developped, mainly the sex ones of course... (not bad)

The famous Bondage Game. I'm sometimes thinking that I'm truely crazy for enjoying watching such a hentai. But even though, I'm always having some of my best boner while faping on thoses scenes. Don't ask me why... am I SM ? Do I like seeing girls crying while such having pleasure and the same time ? Am I that deranged ? Don't know... but damn it feels heavenly good...

Last one, basically it's the hentai I'm currently watching and jesus chirst...

Euphoria. I'm sure all of you guys already know this one right ? Same kind of hentai as Bondage Game, which means freaking hardcore sex scenes... basically I've just finished watching the 3rd episode yesterday night and holy fuck, I think I haven't ever cum as much as on this one, like 5 or 6 times in a fucking row... I'm thinking, maybe that 'm getting bored of random sex scenes since I'm always going limp in a few minutes. Maybe only hardcore sex really turns me on now to gives me such hard boner as I had yesterday and at the point where I couldn't barely feel asleep...

Re: What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 Feb 15, 06:09
by JasonSmith
I have over 5tb worth of Hentai so narrowing it down to just a few titles is pretty hard but I would say anything with a good art style and good scenes that I can jack off to and not have to worry about the camera changing angles or the scenes being too short.

One of my favorite short films is Fuwa Kumi (google the name its worth checking out) but there are tons of good hentai out there sadly most of it is exclusive to Japan only though :(

Re: What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 Feb 15, 21:59
by 0xFF
God Euphoria made me sick. Scat and bloody pussy really aren't my thing :pale:

I have yet to find a hentai that really turn me on. I wish I could find one because anime girls are the cutest thing ever. But most of those I've seen looks pretty cheap. And I'm not into rape, lolis and huge boobs.

Re: What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 Apr 06, 16:33
by Jacks
I have to say my fav at the moment would have to be Fela Pure because i have a thing for blowjobs. Unfortunately i haven't found any hentai with only bjs. When i moved in with my current gf i was very uncomfortable when she asked me what kind of porn i watch. I eventually showed her the hentai i had been downloading and saving over the last 5 years. She thought it was weird at first and didn't want to watch with me. Now she will give me head untill i finish while watching hentai. Its great :)

Re: What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 Apr 30, 09:28
by 0xFF
I found this image while searching for something else entirely. ... 1_1280.jpg

That's the kind of girl I like. She knows what she want and she enjoys it. Do you guys know some good hentai that focus on girls like that (instead of the annoying typical "iie, yamete, dame" thing) ?

Re: What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 May 03, 18:04
by AraMancer
0xFF wrote:Do you guys know some good hentai that focus on girls like that (instead of the annoying typical "iie, yamete, dame" thing) ?
there is a world of eroge and manga with sluts and other leading girls, you could look for the onee-chan archetype or deamons... or both:
hentai anime are a bit of a special case since they cost so much to make and absolutely need to sell to 40 something japs in order to be viable

Re: What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 Nov 08, 04:37
by ohentai
3D hentai is also good there,
like double soft cream, studio fow
A link can be found:

Re: What are your favorite hentai ?

Posted: 2016 Nov 15, 15:27
by Cr4zyDuck
Best loli hentai of the season ~

1. Shoujo Ramune

(rewatched the first ep about a dozen of time already, so freaking amazing ; also started playing the eroge)

2. Seikatsu Shidou!!

(you love loli ? Then this hentai is for you...)

3. 300 Hen no Otsukiai

(I came a lot on this one too...)

Now enjoy guys, and always remember: Flat, growing-tits, shimapan, twintails, thigh-high,zettai ryouiki and lolis are JUSTICE. Period.