FORUM RULES -version 2019-03-09

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FORUM RULES -version 2019-03-09

Post by AkaiHebi » 2018 Jun 24, 12:01

  • THE FORUM IS UNSUITABLE TO MINORS 🔞 : potential pornographic content
  • all posts must comply to European legislation, in particular: freedom of expression restrictions apply such as terrorist propaganda, defamation, hate speech based on race, religion, ethnicity, origins, gender identity, sexual orientation, or perceived as such
  • child pornography is banned (including pictures of characters with child-like physical appearance)
  • harmful private information leaking ("doxing") is banned
  • malware is banned
  • metadata or links aimed to download and/or share copyrighted works is banned
  • spam is banned
  • advertising or promotion of goods or services will be considered in a case-by-case moderation and may be banned depending on context
  • threads posted in the wrong forum will be moved to the proper location
  • any infringing content is removed on sight and can be reported to administrators for immediate review
  • registered accounts with invalidated email address after 1 month are pruned
  • registered accounts with valid email address but zero posts for more than 1 year are deactivated
  • registered accounts with valid email address but no new posts for more than 2 years are pruned (previous posts are retained)
  • registered accounts who may have been compromised are deactivated and the account user is notified of the unusual behavior

    The forum rules may be modified anytime without prior notice and are immediately applicable.
Personal data collection
The forums are operated by, admin contact
The personal data collected:
  • username
  • email address
  • IP address
  • optional public profile info (avatar, social media accounts, post signature)
  • post content
This data is not shared with anyone (data listed in red being not published) and is retained indefinitely, we may however unpublish, remove and/or sample any relevant information related to a crime and provide such information to law enforcement agencies under applicable European jurisdiction.
You can request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us. You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.
Administrators may be made aware of data breaches through security audit scripts, activity monitors, notification by the web host, or any other means. Should private data be leaked in the breach, we will inform publicly on the blog and/or forums and/or email affected parties.

2019-03-09: infringing content removal and reporting; dormant account pruning; GDPR compliancy
2018-06-24: initial text