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Tight hips?

Posted: 2019 Feb 28, 21:40
by wankEr
My favorite onahole is Virgin Age Admission. Now, I wonder if there are any hip or bigger onahole that would be equally tight and intense?

Re: Tight hips?

Posted: 2019 Apr 18, 16:24
by onaholein1
Hi wanker, :)

I recently bought the "Puni Ana DX" (normal softness); and it was very tight - I needed to be stone hard and use lube. I´ve never used the Virgin Age Admission, but I reckon the Puni Ana comes close in terms of tightness.

Maybe go for the "hard" edition? Apparently it feels tighter because it´s a harder material (I´ve never tried that version, though). Anyway, IMO it s a lovely looking loli hip and feels great. ;)