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Batch Review of my three latest onaholes

Posted: 2017 Oct 01, 00:38
by NotAnElf
As I have had some time with my latest 3 onaholes, and before I get absorbed by my hip that is on the way, I figured I would do a quick review of my current collection. Don't expect any fancy stuff like InfernalMonkey does, or like the main site has though.
I'll stick to mostly bullet points and short notes and if people want some more info, they can always poke me and ask ^^. As for specs, I'll point you to the various sellers that stock these products rather than just copy paste it all.
And now, reviews!

Meiki No Hinkaku Ayano Nana :

Packing and content
The onahole is in a plastic blister and two plastic bags, though not the fancy resealable NPG ones we're used to.
Also included are of course the bullet vibrator and the 3 button cells to run it. They even include a nice 150 ml bottle of themed lube.
The lube is actually a really nice middle ground between the thick stuff like the Okita Anri love juice from NPG or the Rends Peace lube and the rather thin AIKA love juice from NPG

Onahole material
As this is a newer onahole, the material is not overly greasy or sticky, like the older meikis are, but it still seems to pick up lint at a speedy pace.
Size wise it's a quite beefy one, barely fitting into a blue toy sack. You need to manoeuvrer the zipper a bit so it doesn't pinch the onahole.
Sadly it seems I got a Monday morning model, as the end of the tunnel is flimsy and thin as hell. I don't think this onahole is going to last more than a few months sadly, until water gets in between the layers, or I just break the end.

The experience
So, even though it is called a meiki, it really is nothing like one. The inside layer is far harder, and the clamping rings, while a nice gimmick, don't do much for me.
The entry point is very small, and because of how the tunnel bends, getting into it takes some guiding. It also tore on the first use, and I'm not overly large or girthy.
Now, for the killer feature: the bullet vibe inserted in the rear of the toy. For starters, it's an absolute pain to try and turn on/off when inserted in the toy. The button is just a bad design.
On the upside, holy hell do you need to be careful with it turned on, the stimulation on the head of your penis is unlike anything an onahole could do on its own. And because of the beefy weight and wide shape of the onahole, it transfers through quite nicely.

Because of the rings and how the tunnel is shaped it is a bit of a pain in the rear to clean. Cleaning it out with some neutral hand soap and lukewarm water is fairly easy, provided you dig around a bit and get into all the nooks.
Drying however, good lord does it manage to keep a load of water in it, even after you think you shook all of it out. It's also more fragile than the other onaholes I own, so getting a cloth in there is a more delicate operation.

Discounting the factory defect, this is a decent product if you are into the more stimulating onaholes and want to try the vibe feature. It is however nothing like a meiki, nor does it look like the inner layer will live long before tearing, due to the harder material and tiny entrance.
Considering the price, I would not recommend it as a first purchase, but it is an interesting option if you already own a few and want to try something new.

Rin Sakuragi Brilliant Retirement Commemoration :

Packing and content
The typical Meiki deal: Resealable bag, fancy Meiki box and blister, 80ml of themed lube. The lube is on the thicker end of the spectrum, but not quite at Okita Anri love juice levels.

Onahole material
Amazing material imho, on par with the AIKI meiki. Really smooth and soft, doesn't stick, doesn't smell too much. If NPG would re-make the ZXY/Yen yu yee in this stuff, they'd have made the best onahole in existance.
It has a nice weight and feels very durable.

The experience
Similar to the AIKA, it's a nice a and "smooth" feeling inner layer. The material isn't super harsh, but it packs a lot more stimulation than the AIKA.
The suction cups style elements are present in this onahole as well, but there is and added ring feature near the end of the tunnel that really works when you go in balls deep. Going at it a bit slower is how you get the most out of this onahole imho, as hammering away like a monkey would just make you miss a lot of the nobs and bumps in the tunnel. All in all it is a very pleasant experience that lived up to my expectations after the AIKA.

A total breeze to clean, just like the other onaholes in this style NPG is doing. Just having some paper towels under it and holding it upside down while carrying it to the sink will have made most of the goop just run out. Rinse out with some water and handsoap, put in a cloth to soak up the rest of it and you're done.

Kick-ass NPG quality, as I was expecting coming in from the AIKA. NPG's new material is really good and they nailed it with this line. From the experience to the cleaning, this gets a big thumbs up as a potential first purchase. If you liked the AIKA, definitely give this one a try.

Nakadashi Orgasm Honoka Mihara:

Packing and content
The typical Meiki deal: Resealable bag, fancy Meiki box but no blister, 80ml of themed lube. The gimmick here is that the lube is semen-like, unlike the previous "Love Juice" styled ones. This means the lube is stringier and gloopier than normal and, of course, it's opaque.
It's a bit of a hassle to get just the right amount out of the tube, but for the rest, it's not like you'd really notice a lot about the colour unless you go hog-wild with the stuff.

Onahole material
Even though it's one of the latest NPG onaholes, it's not quite the same material as the AIKA or Rin Sakuragi. It is very similar, but just a smidge greasier and more lint prone as such. A dose of nano AG+ powder fixes this though.
Again, it has a very nice weight and feels like it will last ages when you don't overdo it.

The experience
Yet another AIKA mention: more of the same nice and comfy inner material. This one is a fair bit tighter though, but keeps the mostly straight tunnel design. As such, it's about midway between the AIKA and the Rin Sakuragi in feel for me. The entrance though, oh boy is that fun to just rub your head past. And as with the Rin and AIKA ones, it's not a "pretend you're Sanic" onahole, you want to not hammer away like a madman. The structure is less focussed on the octopus type suction cups than the other two, which keeps all three feeling different and nice.

As with the Rin and AIKA ones, just holding it upside down will make most of the goop just flow out, and some more water and soap will finish it off. Because it's a bit tighter though, be careful so you don't just make the water go everywhere ;)

More stellar NPG stuff, with the added "semen lube" gimmick and a different pussy lip design. Again, very much worth if as a first onahole. It's not better or worse than the Rin or AIKA, it's just different.

Final Thoughts
Out of these three, I'd say the Rin Sakuragi and Honoka Mihara are tied for 1st. The Ayano is nice in it's own right, but due to the defect, and the extra cleaning hassle, it's just not quite up there with the Rin, AIka and Honoka.
As the AIKA got mentioned a few times, here's a review that does it far more justice than I could.

If you're looking for a rather hassle free experience, the AIKA, Rin or Honoka are all great choices imho and would make for a perfect first onahole. The Ayano Nana is not something I'd say is a good entry into onaholes, but it does have the best lube out of the lot.
And once my hip gets in, I'll be sure to throw up a review for that as well, and how it compares to these handheld ones.

To better sketch my point of view, once again a list of my current/past onaholes:

The collection as it sits:
- Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA
- Rin Sakuragi Brilliant Retirement Commemoration
- Nakadashi Orgasm Honoka Mihara
- Meiki No Hinkaku Ayano Nana
- Student Council President
- La Bocca Della Verita

In memoriam:
- Meiki No Shōmei No,006 Yán Rú Yì (Yen Yu Yee)
- Julia +
- Rends USB warmer (the pink one)

The "not quite up to snuff" section:
- Kokos Tong-Ggo
- Kokos Meiki Three Sisters: Nymphomania
- Kokos Meiki Three Sisters: Virgin
- Kokos Hera Hip Mini
- Gokuatsu Lover (water ended up between the layers and it just fell flat compared to these new three)

Re: Batch Review of my three latest onaholes

Posted: 2017 Dec 11, 01:24
by NotAnElf
Update time!

As expected, the Meiki No Hinkaku Ayano Nana did not live very long. The defect near the end of the tunnel finally gave out, and the material near the rings was getting thing enough to be annoying. Sensation wise, it also paled compared to the three other N.P.G. meikis I own, even if the vibe was a express ticket to a very quick session. It was just too "in your face" to my liking. Not one I'd recommend to people, just look at one of the more conventional N.P.G. meikis from the last year.

Joining the "In Memoriam" section are the La Bocca Della Verita and the Student Council President :(
The La Bocca got used quite a lot and tore in the corners of the mouth. I'll probably grab some of the N.P.G. (See the trend with my toys? :p) fellaholes in 2018 to fill this void.
As for the Student Council President, that was probably me being a bit too confident in how sturdy it was. Because of it basically being a cockring with a loose onahole attached to it, I was not especially careful while cleaning it. It lasted a good 5 months, and with some proper care would probably have lasted another 5. Unless a fancy new anal onahole pops up I doubt I will be replacing this one though.