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NotAnElfs Review Overview

Posted: 2019 Jan 04, 05:31
by NotAnElf
Following Ronin's example, I'm going to bundle the reviews for my current/past toys here, instead of giving each their own thread.

2018: A year in review
So 2018 saw a fair bit of change in the toy realm for me. Some new ones joined and a quite a few toys left as well. Getting a VR headset meant the handheld onaholes got used less and less, cause hot damn is VR porn something else when you can use a hefty hip toy. Combine that with a summer that was hot and humid as all hell, and you end up with less fapping happening, and a massively increased risk of stray moisture ruining your day. This is how the EPH Shinsei met it's untimely demise, which was a bit of a bummer after a less than a year of medium use. The main newcomer in 2018 was the Kyo Piston. Infernal Monkey's review was what made me get mine, and I don't have enough to add to that to warrant a separate post.

The tail end of 2018 brought a brief stint with Tenga's new offering, which was just as gimmicky as it looked. It also brought more NPG news in the form of a new Extreme Pleasure Hip being in the works, as well as "super realistic" Yuria Satomi Meiki. The Meiki was a no-brainer, it built upon the construction the Marugoto: AIKA used while also promising a "lifelike" tunnel. For the hip, I turned to the Japanese onahole review sites, to get an idea about if waiting on this third iteration was actually worth it. And while the review seemed really promising, by the time it came out it had gained a contender for the "last toy purchase" spot: The largest addition to the Puni Ana line yet...

Review Index
Toy History
What follows is a list of now disposed of toys and the reason why they left the collection.
  • Fuwatoro Oppai 2000 : Kinda lost it's reason for being around
  • Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA : Worn out after some good use. /tipshat
  • Tenga Spinner Hex : Unless you like feeling a hard plastic spiral against your shaft, pass
  • EPH Shinsei(v2): Humid summer used Mould! It was super effective :(
  • Rin Sakuragi Brilliant Retirement Commemoration: wasn't getting used anymore
  • Nakadashi Orgasm Honoka Mihara : Don't be lazy about cleaning, kids!
  • Meiki No Hinkaku Ayano Nana: Factory defect, see review
  • Student Council President: Just got bored with it
  • La Bocca Della Verita: The teeth came loose and caused a tear
  • Meiki No Shōmei No,006 Yán Rú Yì (Yen Yu Yee): Broke rather fast, the material shows it's age on the older meikis
  • Julia +: Worn out after a fair bit of use
  • Rends USB warmer (the pink one): USB cord broke
  • Gokuatsu Lover :water ended up between the layers
  • Kokos Tong-Ggo, Hera Hip Mini, Meiki Three Sisters: Nymphomania and Virgin: Just not up to par compared with the Japanese offerings

Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi

Posted: 2019 Jan 04, 05:31
by NotAnElf

Puni Ana Miracle DX

Posted: 2019 Jan 04, 05:32
by NotAnElf
Note: This is an ongoing review, so not everything is going to be filled out yet!
Bigger is Better! Puni Ana Miracle DX ongoing review
So I've been oggling full size TPE dolls for a while now, but as long as I don't have my own place they're just not even worth saving for. But my interest was certainly shifting there, after having used hip toys for most of 2018. I was just planning on getting the third iteration Extreme Pleasure Hip by NPG, but the doll thing just stuck with me. And then I stumbled across a post on that gave that final little push I needed to just go for something bigger:

Out of the window went the plans to get a Extreme Pleasure Hip 3rd Gen and on a search I went to see where I could source one of these beauties. Luckily Motsutoys had them in stock, which meant I could use that juicy 10% discount voucher I still had. I ended up paying €345 for both the Puni Ana Miracle DX and a bottle of A-One AG+ Nano powder.

Practical Data
  • Other name(s): ぷにあなミラクルDX
  • Manufacturer: ExE
  • Ordered from: MotsuToys
  • Price shipped: €369($420.50), free shipping.
  • Dimensions Box: 64 x 41 x 25 cm
  • Weight: ~10kg
Detail shots made by NLS
nls top.jpg
nls side.jpg
Other Stores Ordering and Shipping
Motsutoys is a very local store, so shipping and ordering was a breeze. Ordered the 2nd of January, it arrived on the 3rd. It arrived more like how you'd expect an appliance or a computer case to arrive, there was just a slightly bigger box holding the product box. The product box itself had more than enough protection. Point of note here is that you might want to keep said nondescript brown box if you're not living alone, or just want to hide the hot pink from the actual box :p

The packaging
Apart from a shitty sampler of lube, what you get is a very fancy looking box, with both a nice Styrofoam clam-shell as well as a plastic blister to hold the toy in. Unlike the NPG hips, this one does not have a nice blank white cardboard sleeve, so think about how you're going to store this. I ended up cutting up the brown box it came in to make a "cover" of sorts, so it would still fit under my shelf, but not have the bright pink box attracting attention.
And boy what a box it is! A 360ml bottle of lube is provided for scale
The art is just amazing!
Chibis to guide you along!
Not a safe side on this box
The toy itself is very well secured, far better than the NPG hips that just sit in a plastic bag. Because of the form-fitting plastic blister, you do need to be a bit careful when you take it out of the packaging, but that's the case for all TPE toys.
Surprisingly not all that squeaky
Once you empty it all out, ExE added another very nice bit of art:
Did I mention I really like this art
The toy
The main thing you see with most of these torso type toys is that they add some form of internal structure, so you don't have a floppy mess of TPE that is just going to tear itself apart when you move it. Exe opted to go for something resembling a skeletal structure, similar to how they did their SPDX onahole.
Thanks to this harder plastic material, you can actually bounce it on top of you rather easily for something fairly heavy. I'd even say it's easier than with the substantially lighter hips. I wouldn't fully trust it to be foolproof though. The waist is on the skinny side, and there is still a fair bit of weight on top, so I wouldn't be too energetic.

Talking about that weight: BOOBIES!
As you can see in the image above, the jiggly bags o' fun are not a solid blob of TPE. Just like with most of the better breast toys, they're filled with a more gel like substance that makes them very fun to fondle and play with, and gives them some bounciness. They're fairly decent in size, but not massive, and you will have to give em a bit of a squeeze if you want to go to town between them ;).

Last and by no means least: the actual holes. Both the vaginal and anal tunnel are made dual layer, as anything in the upper part of the pricerange really should be.
The texture is, as you can see above, nothing overly dramatic and "lifelike" like in the NPG Extreme Pleasure hip though, but from what I've found so far, neither are full scale TPE/Silicone dolls. The added weight and 'realism' the rest of the torso provides more than makes up for this. ExE also didn't go for realistic labia, but I think those would feel a little out of place in a Puni Ana themed toy, and it's not like you look at them that often while pumping away. It would be a nice improvement though imho.

To close out the overview, here's some shots with both a handheld toy and a hip for scale.
NPG Meiki and 360ml of lube for scale
With the Shigoku no Chikara
Booty time!
First Impressions
As you can tell by the above promo shots, the vagina is fairly mellow in tunnel design. No big twists or turns, just some textured "worms" that lead up to bumpy end. And that's honestly not a bad thing. The internal "bone" structure and the sheer weight of the toy add what the tunnel design is lacking. You can really feel the difference when you get into the pelvis of the "skeleton" ExE added to this toy as there is an instant increase in pressure. This is less pronounced when you're letting her 'ride' you, but then the weight of the toy takes over. It's nowhere near as soft and realistic as the NPG Extreme pleasure hip, but the overal experience feels closer to the real deal, if you care about that.

Going round the back, we get a pretty damn tiny hole, but one that seems to have plenty of meat surrounding it, so it doesn't look like it will tear all that fast. Anyone that has tried an "anal" tunnel before on a toy will recognise that immediate squeeze on your shaft by the tiny entrance. The tunnel itself also has a more pronounced texture, but not too in your face. The last bit of the tunnel is actually quite wide, which tones down the big bumps a fair bit. All in all a nice, more stimulating, alternative to the vagina on this toy. It doesn't feel like a low effort "we need an asshole" tunnel, like it mostly is on the NPG hips.

As a sidenote: letting this toy 'ride" you is actually easier than the weight would let you believe. Because you have a bigger torso and a rather rigid skeleton, you can bounce her up and down easier than a big hip, even though it weighs almost double what one of those hips do.

Maintenance and Durability
  • Maintenance:
    Because of how large and heavy this toy is, washing it in a sink is almost impossible. You ideally use a bathtub or a shower when you need to give it a full cleaning. For post use cleaning, you could fully do this with either a squirt bottle of water or a syringe without a needle. It just takes a while and you need enough towels under it to not make a mess. Or you could make it a lot easier on yourself by getting some unlubricated condoms. Gone is the need to dig organic goop out of your toy, which just leaves some lube to flush out. I doubt I'm ever even going to use it without a condom, cause the thought of having to clean up afterwards is reason enough to kill the mood.
  • Durability:
Playing Dress-up!
An added benefit of having a full torso to play with is that you can spice things up with some sexy lingerie and similar items. Armed with the sizing NLS provided I went ahead and ordered an assortment of cheap stuff from Aliexpress, so once those come in I'll post my findings and the beauty shots down here. For now, here's some shots with the white bikini bottoms I already had and the list of goodies I ordered.
All from the "Fee Show Store" on Aliexpress
Don't mind the phone shadow


Re: NotAnElfs Review Overview

Posted: 2019 Jan 06, 02:03
by NotAnElf
Update: Puni Ana Miracle DX overview added

Puni Ana Miracle DX clothes

Posted: 2019 Jan 12, 01:56
by NotAnElf
Playing Dress-up: Results

My order came in far quicker than expected, so here are the results. All of these items were washed with some very mild handsoap first, and then rinsed with cold water, just to be sure they wouldn't stain.
  • The frilly panties were way too big, so those got binned.
  • The bra is still a tad too big, but it mostly works. Nothing you couldn't tweak a bit with some strategic Velcro usage.

  • The tube dress is, as I expected, a tad too big. It's fine around the breast area, but it needs some serious bunching up to look some what like it fits. Wouldn't recommend this one unless you plan on making it smaller yourself

  • The casual tank top and seamless panties combo works rather well. The top is still too loose and long, even though it is fairly tight around the chest, but it still works very well.

  • And finally, the striped bikini. Being a side-tie style set, this one just fits perfectly. Cut/bunch up the straps so they don't dangle and hot damn.

All in all I'd say it was an ok haul. Full body stuff is always going to be tricky, as the proportions of the torso are a bit off, but the XS/one-size stretchy tops and panties still work rather well. The tied items are, as you can clearly see, the safest bet to get a good fit. As all items are fairly thin, you can just fold them up and store them in a zip-up onahole bag without issue.