Looking for a small ona hole

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Looking for a small ona hole

Post by BobbyMcBobbins » 2017 Apr 04, 01:03


I recently tried my first ona hole, on of the KMP premium holes.

However, i want to get one of higher quality, in terms of durability and pleasure (easy to wash is a +), it also has to be small-ish. In terms of overall dimensions (easier to hide it) and hole depth as my dong isnt too big at around 4,25 inches, i would like to be able to reach the end.

I've done some research and found the Virgin age admission and puni virgin mini to be good candidates and they are small and 'shallow'.

Are there any other you would recommend around the dimensions of the ona hole I've mentioned? Or smaller that is of quality?

On a side note, i wanted to get a blowjob hole and both the superb fella and mouth of truth is recommended a lot, however they are pretty damn big irl (impossible for me to hide). I've seen some (cant remember name) in stores that has packaging similar or a little smaller than the ju c puti's. Are there also any other small blowjob holes yall would recommend?

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Re: Looking for a small ona hole

Post by NewUser » 2017 Apr 05, 10:19

As a person with a similar lenght penis than you, I can tell you about my experience with Virgin age Admission.

The onahole is too tight for me. The length is fine, but the tightness makes me climax too easily. The sensation is good overall, but I like to slowly build up and edge a lot until I finally climax. But many have highly praised the onahole, so It could suit you.

Just for comparison: Virgin age admission makes me last 5 minutes vs super tight declaration shimetan lasts for 20-30 minutes.