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Realistic scented lube

Post by quietmike » 2015 Jun 21, 08:46

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can recommend lube that has a smell of some 'authenticity' - ie smells like clean, fresh, wet pussy.

I order some Ozawa Maria's Fluid with my new Sujiman Kupa Bride onahole - only ordered 60ml as this is my first purchase so didn't want to invest in a large bottle of something I don't like.

My order should be delivered next week and I will post reviews of both items once they've been the mean time any pointers would be appreciated.

As a second order I'm already considering an oral onahole probably the 'Mouth of Truth' as it looks to be the most if anyone knows a good saliva-like lube I'd love to hear.

Final question...are the lubes safe to eat? My twisted mind is thinking if I can find one that smells like the real deal once my realistic vagina onahole is wet and ready, a quick spot of oral on it should help get me in the mood. I'm guessing though that the lube won't taste great or be safe to swallow?

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Re: Realistic scented lube

Post by AkaiHebi » 2015 Jun 21, 15:51

For saliva-style lube I know Lovely Girl's Drool, but it's very watery and dries quick. La Bocca Della Verità instead really needs a well-lasting lube or else you will hurt yourself scratching on the teeth. Okay for some fantasy-play, but when the masturbation really begins then grab a standard lube ;)

The lubricants generally don't taste of anything in particular, and from what I know it's okay to lick and eat a bit from it (indeed, ToysHeart told me that they don't endorse the usage of Onatsuyu for other purposes than sexual use). Some lubricants have scent and taste and are specially made for oral sex: in that case it's pretty sure it's totally safe to swallow some of it.