Censorship in France

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Censorship in France

Post by Larketh » 2016 Jan 31, 11:43

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Re: Censorship in France

Post by AkaiHebi » 2016 Feb 06, 13:19

It didn't pass though, but I'd like to comment about it:
That post didn't mention feminists. No feminist are in favor of censorship. Simply none. Such proposal is obviously made by church lobbies, who exploit the feminist-movement to introduce counterproductive measures in law.
Let me explain: feminism is and has always been about gender equality, human respect, and fight against rape culture. Rape culture, in this context, shows itself in the female character's desirability in video games, their unnatural boobs size, their stupidly ineffective sexy metal armors, the military-style bikinis worn in a gunfight, and all the elements that:
- appeal to young/teen hetero male libido (or are supposed to, according to the industry)
- degrade male players as perverts who need to have a boner while playing
- degrade women as "fuck meat" and "smiling dumb weak thing to rescue/protect/conquer/fuck"
- degrade men as "sex hungry dicks with legs without brain" and "violent reckless muscle packs" like Kratos
- don't take into consideration nearly half of the gamers are hetero females and the average gamer's age is 35

Censorship will prove extremely counterproductive because:
- the internet is worldwide, and you can sure as hell get uncensored visual novels elsewhere that are censored on Steam
- hiding something or pretending something doesn't exist never made it disappear
- rape culture is way more widespread on TV commercials and billboards, something no politic ever dares to attack
- rape culture is something deeply cultural which needs to be explained to everyone, to be properly identified to reduce it's effects (no more effect on minds → no more impact in sales → businesses no longer do it)
- big game developers try to do sexy/porn because their games lack in scenarios, are re-re-re-re-respins of a game series (MGS, Tomb Raider, The Witcher,..) and they don't even try appealing to a larger audience (which could in fact allow them to do lower prices because of the bigger sales)

All in all, feminists simply have to show how disrespectful some big games are towards women and men, it's then everyone's "wallet vote" whether they're buying challenging entertainment or a stupidly overpriced porn game 8-) In the end, everyone profits from it.

About France: while the state doesn't recognize any religion as "official religion", the influence of the catholic church is immense and dangerous. The best example has been the outrage when abortion has been legalized or when same-sex marriage was adopted. The conservatives were quick to understand they can exploit tradition and even women's rights to introduce misogynist/patriarchal proposals and all censorship discussions have some catholic influence in them.


Re: Censorship in France

Post by 0xFF » 2016 Feb 06, 13:47

As a wannabe game developer, I can tell you that the CIJV is a big joke anyway. Even if this stupid law passed, it wouldn't change anything.