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Mouth Clones

Posted: 2017 Aug 07, 00:48
by kitamurafan
While it seems the consensus that La Bocca Della Verita is the best blowjob onahole, what are your thoughts on "mouth clone" onaholes, like this one: ... newsletter Better than non-realistic blowjob onaholes? Worse? Just meh? What's been the most realistic blowjob onahole in your experience? Also, what's been the tightest bj onahole? I'm looking into getting a good bj onahole and need some advice. I'm looking for one that feels like a real mouth and not like a pussy, as AnonymousD's review of the Ayaka Tomoda onahole said it felt like. One thing I do like about the Honoka Mihara onahole is that it comes (no pun intended) with a thick cum-like lotion to simulate gokkun. Thanks for your help!

Re: Mouth Clones

Posted: 2017 Aug 20, 12:51
by AkaiHebi
Well according to people who experienced receiving a blowjob/deepthroat, La Bocca Della Verita is what gets closest to the sensations :P
Geki-fera Vacuum Honoka Mihara could feel "okay-ish" I guess... NPG is usually mid-class in terms of material quality.