Reduction of glans sensitivity with onaholes?


Reduction of glans sensitivity with onaholes?

Post by ouch » 2016 Sep 08, 23:20

I learned that as an uncircumcised 20 years old male, having too sensitive glans is not going to be fun for my (soon™) sex life. I didn't really bother to fix this until I heard of onaholes, so I decided to purchase one and start to reduce the sensitivity. It's pretty disgusting but for my life I haven't exposed my glans outside of the foreskin much unless I was taking a bath or I would peel it back occasionally in shower (I found out that I don't produce smegma apparently). Needless to say, they're goddam sensitive and even stream of shower from the shower head feels uncomfortable on the glans.

I plan to use the newly purchased onahole daily, once a day to reduce the sensitivity. My experience with it (Sujiman Kupa Rina) was both pleasuring and painful at the same time. Now, my question is that does this actually work and if it does, how long would it take to reduce the sensitivity to the point that it wouldn't hurt to masturbate with an onahole or to be exposed to clothing? :?

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Re: Reduction of glans sensitivity with onaholes?

Post by Cr4zyDuck » 2016 Sep 09, 20:56

Ok so concerning my own life experience I think I can provide you some tips concerning the problem you're dealing with.
First of, I'm also 20years old and I'm circumcised. Back in 2011 I found out that I had a phimosis, the doctor told me that I had no other choice than getting circumcised. So the same year I went to the hospital to do the surgery.

I want to precise one thing, ever since then I barely exposed my glans too since my forehead was way too tight. I could only do it when I was in the bath or taking a shower, but not when I was erected, impossible. I was still young and didn't know it was not normal. It's been quite a while now, but I remember that back then, I couldn't stand water drops from the shower on my penis, same for wearing clothes with the glans exposed. I tried sometimes because I wanted to loose sensitivity before the surgery since after thet I kne it'd be 24/24h exposed, but I couldn't stand it. I bet I was as you, extremly sensible.

Now to make a point 5 years later, I'm way happier than I used to be. After the surgery, I only needed a week to get used to the sensation of the exposed glans against my underwear. Today, I really don't regret it and I even wish to be born like this so that I wouldn't had to endure those pain and this shame. Plus, it's easier to clean, doesn't smell because of smegma and you can last longer with girls and onaholes =)

Now, I have difficulties imagining using onaholes with my penis uncircumcised. Even if with the surgery I loose a bit of sensation, my glans are still kinda sensible. But way, way less than it used to be. I honestly don't think that I could be able to use the same onahole than I'm using right now, like sujiman kupa lolinco, virgin age, la vie en rose, meiki cherry 2.... I think sensation would be way too strong so mabe painfull ? Or otherwise, I would end up cuming in like 1mn or so ? And after that I can't even imagine with a girl, just thinking about seeing her naked if she start touching me, with my old sensitivity I would have cum in seconds not minutes...

You said sujiman kupa rina was sometimes hard for you ? You see, this was my very first onahole and back then I loved it. Now, I can't barely feel anything in there... and if I want to fap, I need barely an hour or even more to reach climax....

Just with that you can see the difference I guess...

Then about what you said, yes maybe using onahole might help you loosing sensitivity and keep up a longer time. But to me, if you really want to loose sensitivity and reinforce your glans, you need to go through the same path I went through... which means try to keep it out in your daily life, the contact with your pants will help.