Mold or just stained?

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Mold or just stained?

Post by Ameyukija » 2017 Dec 12, 08:49


I was wondering if this is mold or just stained from clothing... I've owned it for about a month, and this seems to have happened over the course of a day or a few days tops, and my other one has it in the same area. I store them in the same area. I only noticed it when I was cleaning it one day, so I would guess it happened that quick but it's dark... I've soaked it for about a week in a febreeze + antibacterial solution, and it's been about 3 weeks since then. It hasn't changed color or spread or done anything since then.

Is there anything I can do to save it because it's so expensive? Anything I can soak it in or something that would remove the stain/possibilities of it being mold? The very idea it is just creeps me out... I'm not too paranoid to where I will just throw it out instantly, but I'm concerned enough to consider it.

ty for your help

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Re: Mold or just stained?

Post by darkhomer17 » 2017 Dec 24, 05:48

I think it is a stain. This is how mold look like ( ). I had similar stain from trying to put panties on it. I think the black coloring from the panties might have rubbed on to the onahole. The stain color I had was like blueish purple.