*adopted* [EU/France] Foot Job Hole

Used onaholes looking for a new home
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Forum rules

Additionally to the forum rules, please observe the following regulations in this subforum:
  • give as much details as possible about your onaholes: age, times used, damages, care taken,..
  • tell your location (state/country) and to where you're ready to ship (state/international/..)
  • clearly state if you only charge the shipping or also sell the onahole for a price or in exchange
  • state the accepted payment methods (PayPal, cash over-the-counter, Bitcoin, Amazon gift card, Steam gift,..)
  • come to an agreement with the buyer (price, shipping method+tracking, customs forms, meeting at home or public place, ..)
  • do not ship before complete payment including shipping fee unless you have proper guarantees
  • clean the onahole with antibacterial soap, 3% hydrogen peroxide and digluconate chlorhexidine a couple hours before/after shipping, make sure it's dry before packing
  • wrap the onahole in a well-fitted box and do your best to keep the shipping discreet (aka "figure" or "rubber toy" as description)
  • take appropriate measures such as sendback and PayPal dispute if either party didn't respect the agreed terms
  • do not post personal information unless the person was informed and prior agreed. Not even email addresses or social accounts.
  • preliminary contact can happen in the threads, but further discussion between parties must be done by private message (and possibly after: email)
  • even if both sender and receiver carefully clean and dry the onahole, it may still be good telling if sender has a disease such as STDs or any infectious illness (influenza, diarrhea, plague,...).
  • when the onahole is reserved/shipped, please edit the forum thread to inform the public that the onahole is no longer available and that the thread can be closed
  • the administrators and moderators provide this forum for easier contact between used onahole sellers and interested buyers. We don't litigate disputes, we don't handle exchanges, we don't monitor private messages. It is your sole responsibility to conduct an honest exchange with interested third-parties.
Thanks for reading this all, but better safe than sorry so everyone can trustfully adopt onaholes ;)
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*adopted* [EU/France] Foot Job Hole

Post by AkaiHebi » 2015 Apr 23, 13:52

Looking for new owner:
Foot Job Hole by NPG

Received last july, used about 5 times, show no visible damage and some minor manufacturing defects that shouldn't affect performance
onafeet in bulk only including socks (no packaging, no lube)
Base price: 5 € + shipping; accepted PayPal, Bitcoin
Shipping methods: economic or express tracking within France and EU, with bubble wrapping in plain cardbox 15x10x7cm
Possible contact through PM, Twitter DM, blog contact form

Excellent condition, kept safe and dry in a toy bag, socks carefully cleaned with handsoap (I didn't dare laundry products as the dye may fade away). Minor manufacturing defects: bubble damage on one foot's toes. see below:


Re: [EU/France] Foot Job Hole

Post by quietmike » 2015 Jun 20, 21:36

Just sent you a PM...very interested in adopting this from you