Used Panties


Used Panties

Post by kitamurafan » 2017 May 31, 22:28

I'm looking at some products on Kanojo Toys and I'm wondering: how legit are the used panties and sets sold on that site? The entire used underwear thing seems fake to me. I don't know why, it just does. I feel like the clothes are new ones that have been sprayed with a scent and not actually worn. I guess there is no way to tell. I'm interested in getting some and I guess I could try to let myself get taken in by the fantasy. But I'm curious to how "real" they are.

If anyone knows or have actually bought a package, please let me know.

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Re: Used Panties

Post by darkhomer17 » 2017 Nov 18, 19:36

Hmm, I haven't bought them but I personally don't trust it. I would rather just buy a good looking panties and spray a great smelling linen spray or if you want that used smell one of those Smell Of Female College Student Panties spray from ... nties.html .Here is a review XD