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Choosing between Kirino/Ayase?

Posted: 2018 Aug 21, 18:14
by imasine86
Hi, this is my first post/thread here

Been considering the My Little Sister Can't Be This Tight series, and now i can't choose between Kirino or Ayase, please help me recommend which one is better

Fyi my ding dong is average asian one, 5-6 inch maybe

Re: Choosing between Kirino/Ayase?

Posted: 2018 Sep 04, 22:31
by AkaiHebi
"why not both?" :D
Between those two, if I recall correctly, Kirino gives more various sensations, while Ayase focuses more on tightness.
But keep your expectations humble, those onaholes where released a long time ago ;)

Re: Choosing between Kirino/Ayase?

Posted: 2018 Oct 05, 11:15
by AnonymousD
Kirino best girl.

That aside, coming from a Kirino fan, I wouldn't recommend you any of those. Those series suck, I would get pretty much any other onahole in the same price range, if you're looking for very cheap stuff.

Here a few recommendations: ... tightening ... is-pervert

Re: Choosing between Kirino/Ayase?

Posted: 2018 Oct 08, 18:23
by MarcusWeir
About Nurse’s Tightening, I recommended to buy HARD version instead, it got better material and decent stimulation.

This is not tight onahole (even HARD version is still not tight.) It's not 5-star level of stimulation, not hungry for cum and made you cum like volcano at fap hero first stage or whatever, But it did good job and it's my favorite one. ;)

Re: Choosing between Kirino/Ayase?

Posted: 2019 Feb 25, 15:38
by imasine86
Wow it's been so long, thanks for all your help. I did took Kirino in the end since, actually my friend bought those two from japan and we're deciding who get which at that time and he chose Ayase in the end so i got Kirino

Anyway yes, it's damn too soft. Several months passed and now another friend of mine are going to japan again so expect some more "ask threads" from me. Thanks