When Sexy Time Never Arrives

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When Sexy Time Never Arrives

Post by gelatodesu » 2017 Jan 06, 15:22

Hello Onahole goers!

Gelato-desu here - first I'd like to thank you guys for the wonderful reviews and resource provided through this website, this is much warranted as this my first official post here.

For sometime now I have had the pleasure of reading and learning about this wonderful thing called Onahole's and likewise, had the fortunate luck of using them as time went on. I live in Canada where apparently Loli-ism is not tolerated but the ability to pleasure yourself with a rubber toy without its packaging is.

The premise of this post is particularly one of bashing but I'm hoping to a certain degree, that this will inform new explorers of onahole products to know of the perils that await them when their expecting their sexy time when it in fact never ultimately arrives.

This particular story started on the cusp of the new years on December 28th, 2016 - I decided to brave the interwebs to my secret website on NLS to make my 3rd order. Given the tight window of opportunity (no puns intended...or was it?) I decided to take the plunge and ordered myself a tidy upgrade to my onahole arsenal, a Open My Pussy! -COCOLO- and man, was I excited. I elected to check out with DHL (completely forgetting that they would list the package contents as rubber toy and lotion...) and that it would show up at my door step during the first week after the new years.

Well, as per NLS, they reopened their doors for work and my package was promptly shipped on the 4th of January 2017 sometime in the afternoon (Japan local time). It found its way from Narita to Tokyo where it travelled directly to Ohio in Cincinnati the same day.

Of course I was tracking this damn thing the whole time - on January 5th 2017 (yesterday at the time of this writing) the package made its way from Cincinnati and landed in Ontario where it went through customs. I got tagged with some additional fees which were settled online right away which then made its way to the delivery facility to be shipped out by COURIER the same day.

I waited anxiously the whole day (yesterday) for that package to show up as I can't let my family members know that package would arrive. Of course naturally I was perked up on my couch staring at my door for that elusive door bell ring. During which I opted to be notified right away via email and text when there's an update to the delivery status.

To my horror and dismay - the delivery was DELIVERED and SIGNED (by god knows who because it was blank by virtue of the proof of delivery).

It was "supposed" to have arrived at my door step at 5:13PM, this notification was received at 5:27PM.

I called DHL right away and demanded to know where my package was just dropped off.

And here I am now getting led around the bush by DHL claiming it was delivered when it in fact truthfully was not.

I know some of you folks here might be good with DHL deliveries but I am sure as hell not. My first time with this delivery service which by the way costed way more then my usual EMS delivery and ruined sexy time for me in-time for the weekend.

I will need a lot of tissues...not for thy hand but for these tears of mine. Would like to hear if anyone had a similar story they'd like to share.

Thanks for reading ;)


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Re: When Sexy Time Never Arrives

Post by Cr4zyDuck » 2017 Jan 07, 21:20

What happened to you is really unfortunate, but at least you didn't encounter any trouble with the police knowing how strict canadian's law is with lolicon stuff... I bet you're rather lucky here, at least your cocolo hasn't being confiscated or destroyed by custom. Personnaly I'm not that surprised since I had the same kind of trouble here in France with both DHL and EMS. The worst was probably with EMS, I was checking my tracking end then suddenly it update and I see "delivered against signature to ******" I don't know who the hell that was but I stayed home all day long and the delivery guy never came... it wasn't an onahole order though, I'm also into anime fig so it was one of my girl, I must this was even worse since the value of the fig itself was around 120€.

And of course, it's useless trying to get an answer or a solution from them in case of trouble. Even now, I'm still waiting for this case to be resolved and I've never received their "mail". Hopefully the package was delivered to a guy in the same building, so I met him and he kindly gave my parcel back. However, this idiot opened it and since the figure was like.... an ecchi figs of a loli in a rather embarassing pose (exposed panties and nipples) it was kinda embarassing but all in all I wanted her back so I didn't care.

Being the owner of a Cocolo-SE myself, I can feel your pain since this is by far my favorite torso. I truly hope you'll somehow sort things out with this probleme and being able to try her anytime soon =)

But seriously, next time you should go with regular SAL. It sure is longer, but at least chances of escaping customs are higher, and usually delivery is fine too.

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Re: When Sexy Time Never Arrives

Post by AkaiHebi » 2017 Jan 14, 10:48

Package delivery services are under pressure lately, and preparing the transition to drone delivery. But for the time being, they have to hire part-time or interim drivers.
I actually wonder if a single of those drivers completes a delivery rotation on time and properly. It's insane.

More than once I've red of drivers simply burning the remaining letters when they didn't manage to complete the rotation on time. In France, a country which had a satisfying public postal service until the internet. Now, you get real lucky if the driver takes the chance of ringing the doorbell and leaving a notice in the mailbox. Often they simply throw the package in your turf and drive away.
Never forget: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw-zxJI1YOo

I sure won't weep on their fate when drones take over. It's a painful and low pay job anyway, humans deserve better.

TL;DR: check your garden and bushes for your package ? Ask your neighbors ? Check street/sidewalk ? File complaint to DHL ^^