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My First Real Purchase (Nerves)

Posted: 2017 Oct 04, 22:47
by KiyoNafu
So to start this all off I would just like to say that I would be ordering this to a house in California (moving there soon) and was gonna buy them through otonajp. I was just wondering if anyone has shipped using them before and roughly to the same area-ish that could share their experience and infinite wisdom. I mainly worried about the loli boxes and packages as I kinda wanna keep them, but honestly don't even know where to start :cry: . If anyone can share their knowledge and experience x.x greatly appreciated not just on ordering and shipping on the items too (I mainly picked off of uh the art on the stuff e.e). (A Link incase picture fails)

Re: My First Real Purchase (Nerves)

Posted: 2017 Oct 05, 09:35
by NotAnElf
First of all: welcome!

I've not used otonajp myself yet, but from what I saw in otona-Sekai shipping, they could easily take stuff out of the boxes, neatly flatten the boxes and then ship em like that, making it less obvious. Might be worth mailing them for?
As for the products, I can only point you to some reviews, as I tend to stick to NPG stuff. The Julia+ is one of the best ones I've had so far though, so ExE knows their stuff as well.

the reviews, in case you hadn't seen them yet: ... 3d-review/ ... alf-mature

The main thing I can see being an issue, is the cheaper onaholes just not doing it for you any more after stuff like the SPDX. You might also want to get some toy bags, as they make storing things safely so much easier:

I'm hoping some more experienced ExE users can join in and help you out as well. I've gone through a few misbuys/mediocre products till I found what I liked, and if you can skip that step, it's always nicer.