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Cleaning utensil

Post by Kartoffel » 2017 Dec 06, 21:34


I am enjoying my first toy (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=331), however the cleaning of course is somewhat troublesome with a big toy like that. I've searched for a long time and found an item I think that could be useful for cleaning toys.

As it is a bit pricy (especially to ship to my country) I want to hear your opinions, maybe someone has experience with cleaning utensils or just more arguments whether this might be useful for cleaning onaholes (as I only have one yet, there may be various making more of less use of a utensil like that):


I wonder if a utensil like that might be to flexible to push through the whole tunnel or too aggressive (and might even damage the toy). It is made of a flexible wire and sponge like nobs with a diameter of 3,5cm, length of 40cm (I think that includes the handle, enough anyway, maybe even so much that it might be to flexible again, curling at the entrance instead of going in).

What do you guys think, is something like this useful to dry onaholes in general (as I may want to get more onaholes in the future maybe)?

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Re: Cleaning utensil

Post by darkhomer17 » 2017 Dec 07, 03:08

The main problem I have with these that they are too wide. Even these ( ... UTF8&psc=1 )the one I brought were slightly too big. I had to use a scissor to trim it. I then brought this because I didn't want to stretch the onahole ( ). It is a bit pricey for a cleaning tool that is pretty much a sturdy chopstick, but it does a nice job of drying the inside.

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Re: Cleaning utensil

Post by NotAnElf » 2017 Dec 11, 00:58

I've not had issues cleaning my hip, this one, just with water and hand soap. Place it holes up in the sink and just turn on the tap. The running water will get most of the stuff out, and you can then wash it out gently with your fingers and some hand soap. Then you rinse it again, until you feel that all the residue and soap is gone. I've noticed that there's a very noticeable difference in feeling once it's just water lubricating the onahole, and all the lube etc is gone. That typical "wet plastics" feel is rather noticable.
If you want to be sure it's clean, you can dash some 70% ish percent ethanol in it to disinfect it. Most of the toy cleaners are just ethanol based, so it's safe enough if you don't let it sit. Just never use Isopropyl alcohol( aka rubbing alcohol, isopropanol) as it eats the TPE.

Drying wise, microfibre cloth and pure cotton handkerchiefs are your friends. The handkerchiefs come in handy for smaller/more fragile onaholes and are what I use to dry my meikis. The microfibre cloth is a bit too thick to my liking for those. Get as much dried out as you can, then let it airdry for 30m to 1h and store in a breathable bag. Not had a single toy go bad due to moisture so far. All the ones I've gotten rid of all broke or outlived their use(aka took up storage space I needed).

EDIT: I do use this AG+ powder every few weeks on the inside and outside of my onaholes. Sadly seems to be out of stock in a lot of places.
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