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cleaning and lube

Posted: 2016 Aug 10, 00:17
by beginner
hi i got some questions about cleaning and about lube.

is it safe to turn inside out on regular onaholes? i heard its not good to do it for dual layer since it might break. im kinda scared to get a dual layer since i might not dry it properly and it might get mold.
should i wash my onahole before use if i have not used it and is water enough? or should i use something more?

last question is how long does lube last or how do i know if its old?

Re: cleaning and lube

Posted: 2016 Aug 11, 12:18
by AkaiHebi
If the onahole is small/medium size and flexible, then yes it can be turned inside-out. Also dual layer onaholes can be, however this may be too tense and rip one layer away from the other.
There's a risk if there is a "water pool" left inside and the onahole is put in a dark, warm place.
For drying of difficult onaholes, you can use a Q-tip for example. I recommend leaving the onahole for a few hours "hole downside" on a shelf or a place where there is enough air flow and some light, this prevents mold from developing. But not direct sunlight. Lastly, of course: prevent mold growth in your home, so there's less spores ending up inside your onahole ^^

I'd recommend washing the onahole before first use, to make it clean from dust and particles from the factory. However I think it's not very useful to clean before each use. After each use is much more important, using standard hand soap.

Lube can usually last for months because it has compounds that prevent growth of algae, if you use it for fap every week then you will use up all of it before it turns bad or anything ^^

Re: cleaning and lube

Posted: 2016 Aug 12, 00:33
by beginner
After I have washed my toy, I just pat on it and let it air dry for like 10-15minute and then I put it away, is that ok? is any standard hand soap ok? or does it have to be antibacteria?

I have a Lovely x Cation onahole. I used it and washed only with water, I will use soap for now on.

Re: cleaning and lube

Posted: 2016 Aug 12, 08:22
by AkaiHebi
15 minutes may be too short unless you use a fan, maybe make it 30 minutes or more so moist can evaporate :)
Yep, standard hand soap. You don't need/should use antibacterial soap unless you share the toy with someone you don't usually live with.
  • standard hand soap washes away most bacteria but leaves some of it. After a couple uses, your onahole gets your "bacterial signature" as bacteria from your penis skin colonizes your onahole (and that's totally fine, it's harmless bacteria that will cover the surface and prevent bad bacteria to develop and spread).
  • if you use antibacterial soap every time, you're forcing a "natural selection": only the antibacterial-resistant bacteria will survive and become stronger, it's bacteria that can then get in your body while the body can't properly defend itself because it's unknown bacteria for it, thus making you sick.
  • if you share the toy with someone you usually live with (family, sex partner, ...) then it's okay: the "bacterial profile" on people's skin who live together tend to be similar and the bodies adapt to it. The bacteria developing in the onahole is then very similar to each penis, just like a doorknob ;) Of course I'm here implying everyone is having protected sex, regular STD test, and take responsibility of informing everyone in the house in case of STD infection.
  • if you share the toy with someone you don't usually live with (sexfriend, partner for a night, ...), then you need to "erase" the bacterial profile in the onahole before and after use, to prevent diseases from bacteria your or their body's not used to. This is especially true if you and/or your partner didn't do a STD check (extra watch about syphilis). In this case the onahole shouldn't even be used by anyone else during a few days/weeks, so bacteria and viruses who can't survive in air die off and get replaced with the bacteria naturally in your indoor air (similar to the bacteria profile on your skin). Of course this all doesn't make sense if you have unprotected sex with the person.
If you want to completely clean your onahole and reset it's "internal flora" (for example, every 3 month): wash with standard soap, rinse, spray alcohol, rinse, spray hydrogen peroxide, rinse, spray chlorhexidine, rinse. Leaving each product for ~10 minutes should completely destroy almost all bacteria, mold and fungi. Then let it dry, and then... rub the inside with your finger, to deposit your "good" skin bacteria so it can protect the onahole from bad bacteria invasion ;)

In short: it's important your onahole only has bacteria similar to the ones naturally on your penis and skin. And do your best to prevent mold growth (= drying the onahole in lit place, and refreshing your indoor air every day).

Re: cleaning and lube

Posted: 2017 May 19, 14:23
by kitamurafan
I just bought a can of onahole cleaning spray. After I used it the area around the entrance hole is purple. Did I just ruin my onahole?

Re: cleaning and lube

Posted: 2017 May 22, 23:37
by kitamurafan
It seems I jumped the gun. My onahole is returning to its normal color. I guess it was a reaction to the spray. Maybe it was indicating which areas had bacteria or maybe it was reacting to water.

Re: cleaning and lube

Posted: 2017 Jun 09, 03:43
by kitamurafan
If you can't buy a proper onahole bag, what's the best thing for storage? What materials should I look for? What should I avoid? I know to keep it in a cool dry place. What else?