Looking to buy onahip in Canada.

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Looking to buy onahip in Canada.

Post by Legitimateim » 2017 Jun 12, 04:24

Hey guys. New to buying holes/hips

After alot of consideration and review, I've decided to go ahead and purchase the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000; there is no changing my mind now.

(https://www.otona-sekai.com/en/onaholes ... -2000.html)

I live in Canada and I have heard the horror stories. I'm not taking any chances and am going to be taking some precautions.

I will be removing all obscene packaging containing artwork and plan to use the cheapest shipping option (SAL) in an attempt to get the package stealthy past customs.

Are there any other tips I need to consider before I pull the trigger here? Any concerns regarding the panties included with the product?