15% off on otonajp.com with "black2018"

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15% off on otonajp.com with "black2018"

Post by meopun » 2018 Nov 24, 03:04

just wanted to let you know that there is a limited 15% off on all products on the page with the code "black2018" at checkout.
So if you want to get your hands on a few onaholes or other stuff (there is a lot free stuff too, check the shop - i found around 12 items listed here: all can be put into your shopping cart for 0$.
theres a onahole lube and more.

Tekoki Handjob Glove
Nuku Man
white paper of amateur real fuck 1
FREE G Project Condom
FREE Toys Heart Cup Normal
Crystal Lotion 120ml
Virusbuster NEO - Odor Eliminator & Bactericide
See through Single Rotor Blue
Finger Anal Plug C'est Bon
Trick Master Bondage Rope Black
Syringe 10cc
choolip Lip Gloss
FREE Toys Heart SI-X Lotion Natural

if you pay around 250$ you get a 10$ onahole warmer for free (its not worth it but if you pay big, it will be added to your cart automatically)

best greetings