Condom slipping off,risk of pregnancy?


Condom slipping off,risk of pregnancy?

Post by NotKonekokun » 2015 Oct 05, 13:42

Hey fellas,remember me?
I would like some advice on a sensitive matter and here is the only place I could think of,so I turn to you,hoping to get some serious answers
Now,before you call me retarded or whatever,my parents are both doctors and ever since I started having relationships,they got me scared to death of getting a girl pregnant.
So there I was,literally minutes ago,with my girl,going at it,she started begging for it although I like to avoid risking.Anyways,I let the moment get the best of me and slipped a condom on,I must've not pinched the tip correctly or some shit,because after a while I felt like cumming and pulling out,I noticed there was already a drop of cum at the tip and a quarter of the condom shifted upwards,cramping up near the tip.I hurried to pull it off for a damage report and well the top part was easy to remove so I must've left some air in there but at the base of my penis it was still stuck to the skin.Could've a bit of semen leak out or maybe precum,considering the condom wasn't snug.Like an idiot,I put another condom on and kept going for a bit 'till I had to cum.Exactly the same as first time.So immefiately stopped and pulled it off too.I checked the condoms too with water,no ripping,no holes.Did I risk anything? Now that I type out,it really seems retarded to worry about this shit. My girl said she was paying attention and she didn't feel any sperm inside of her.So my question is,are my worries just because of my parents or should I get plan B to be sure? What I'm trying to say is that the condom wasn't hanging off of my penis,it was just cramped up near the tip.Plus that droplet of semen the was inside,was inside after I pulled it off,and the condom had no holes or tears.What should I do? Oh and,I made sure that I didn't even do as much as touch myself before sex and urinated two times before,so the chance of semen being present in my precum is next to null.


Re: Condom slipping off,risk of pregnancy?

Post by Millenium » 2015 Oct 05, 16:24

Well a "morning after pill" (I think that's the name in english) wouldn't be a bad idea I think...
A little bit can be enought sometimes, and prevention is better than cure as we say !


Re: Condom slipping off,risk of pregnancy?

Post by myalt » 2015 Oct 05, 16:55

I hope i understood enough of your message to give you a good answer
In my opinion , if the first condom had no hole and no ripping at the top and if as you said the base was stuck to the skin ( so i assume the skin under that part on your penis was impermeabily wrapped to the condom ) it's ok
But in case of any doubt i invite you to go to a pharmacy with your Gf and ask for an abortive pill ("norlevo" if it's available in your country , or ask for " levonorgestrel 1,5 mg )

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Re: Condom slipping off,risk of pregnancy?

Post by AkaiHebi » 2015 Oct 05, 21:16

Mmmh first things first: male condoms are actually not the best to avoid unwanted pregnancy on the long run: ... .html?_r=0
→ 18% chance of unwanted pregnancy after 1 year of typical use, and the curve gets up to 86% after 10 years.
How do unwanted pregnancies happen with condoms ? Exactly the topic: condoms slipping off, breaking, bad material quality, incorrect use, ... However male and female condoms are the best solutions against transmitting STDs, so it's important to keep using them in new couples until STD check ;)

The condom sliding is normal, the vagina "pinches" it and with each movement it pulls it.. how to say... vaginal walls and the condom surface aren't 100% frictionless lubricated ^^ You say you noticed a drop at the tip (outside, I suppose): could be the condom's lubricant, or simply vaginal fluids. But I guess it's too late to taste it for a check :shy:
You said you tested the condoms with water: no water flowing out = no hole = you're safe.

Anyway, talk to her about it and if she wants to be sure she can take the abortive pill. And most importantly: don't let this single event ruin all your future intimate moments together ;)

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Condom, risk of pregnancy

Post by Larketh » 2015 Nov 22, 00:02

If you do not want a child,
be sure to make your semen in the condom inaccessible to the female.
Burn it or dispose of it where she can not get the semen and impregnate herself with it. Perhaps it is enough to empty it into a sink.
I write from woeful experience.

Beware that flushing it down the crapper can cause a plug.