I want it now Ima, Hoshii no

how good was your onahole ?

I want it now Ima, Hoshii no

Post by ninja1234 » 2016 Mar 22, 20:17

Hello. I decided to go ahead and review my very first onahole which means this review may not be very good since I haven't tested out any others. First, it feels nice and it only cost $12 USD (plus shipping).


The box and the package inside is about 6.7x2.1in. They don't tell you but it does come with lotion in a small wrap (probably enough for 3 uses) but its very very bad. I tried it, its very sticky, and it got dry after 3 minutes of use. I was mad because my first exp wasn't that good because of the lotion, not the onahole. It sticks everyone and stretches very far to the point where it just gets everywhere. I highly recommend buying your own lubricant. It also came with tissue and a paper glasses with images and a thank you for the purchase message. The image on the box is nice too.


First, the onahole isn't the above color. Its a more unsaturated pink color but this was their image on the website you buy it from. Its very stretchy so it can fit any size. It has a suction feel to it and its tight yet at the same time, it kinda pushes you out. Perhaps thats an odd way to explain but if you don't hold onto it, it will come off while your jerking with it. Kinda sucks since you always have to hold it with at least 1 hand (probably wouldn't happen if my penis was bigger) You can even squeeze/move your hands for different stimulation. Cleaning it is easy but its difficult to dry the inside. I used a new towel (cleaned the towel a few times) but some of the residue got on the onahole on the outside. For the inside, I used microfiber. I cut it into thin pieces (cleaned afterwards) and stuck a few in there but its difficult to dry the very bottom. I'll grab a bigger microfiber for the outside too next time.

Update - I wrapped the micro fiber around the handle of my toothbrush then stuck it in. That makes things easier. Be sure to cut the fiber if its too wide and remember to clean after you cut it (don't cut then stick it in or there will be a mess inside).

If you get your own lubricant, its probably gonna be a 8/10. If you use the lub it comes with, 4/10.


an image of the inside. Very nice feel to it. I'm worried though that after several cleaning, the inside shape will change over time. This is probably not something that will last a long time so take care of it.

You can purchase it here - https://jlist.com/adt708

edit - O yea, and do note that I'm not a crazy fapper so not sure how ruff you can be with it or if it will break or not (doesn't seem like it would though). The product does say its for beginners like myself so I would probably avoid it if you wanna go crazy with it for 20+ minutes.


Re: I want it now Ima, Hoshii no

Post by 3eyes1wing » 2016 Oct 13, 22:41

I work at an adult novelty shop, and I'm shopping around online for Japanese onaholes to see if I'd want to bother with them wholesale.
I just received mine and gave it a try. I live in the United States, and we have quite a few brands that make such things, with varying degrees of quality.
I have to say that compared to some that I've had, I find the material severely lacking. Made of TPE, the material should not be so porous. Both the inside and outside of mine has very obvious pores that develop as the product flexes at all. Perhaps mine was a bad one. I also ordered another onahole that I have not yet tried, but it is made of smoother, more durable material, and it was cheaper.

That said, I found the lube to be okay at best. Like you said, it wears out. All products with this material are incompatible with silicone based lubricants, but this lube became very tacky very fast as water absorbed likely into the toy itself! This is very bad, as this means bacteria can and will propagate very quickly, even after cleaning.

The toy itself has a great design. The textures are really good, but the material is so shoddy that it overshadows the pros.

I've owned many male masturbator toys over the years, both high-end and low-end. This toy definitely fits into the low-end of the spectrum, and I would not recommend this for beginners. Closed-ended toys are a little bit harder to clean that open-ended, but the pores in the material make this rather risky to use after a short period of time.