What adult toy stores do you use now?

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What adult toy stores do you use now?

Post by JasonSmith » 2018 Jul 23, 04:38

Hey guys,
I was just curious what adult toy stores everyone uses now after the Paypal crackdown on Japanese adult toy stores. I used to use En-NLS and OtonaJP but EN-NLS stopped shipping to foreigners and OtonaJP stopped accepting Paypal so the two new sources I found now are Toydemon.com which is a USA shop based out of Illinois in the USA and a middleman service named whiterabbitexpress.com which is a middleman serviced based out of Japan that say their ok with buying Onaholes from places like Amazon.co.jp or Toranoana but they charge a commission fee for doing so, I havent actually used them yet for Onaholes because of the commission fee which is like 11% to 14%

What shops have you guys been using? sadly 99.9% of these toys from Japan arent on Amazon.com in the USA.

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Re: What adult toy stores do you use now?

Post by FutaManticore » 2018 Jul 24, 15:23

I've used Motsu Toys for my last 2 orders and I only have good things to say.

Sure, their prices are a little higher than the Japanese shops, but I don't get hit with 20% custom charges and they have a nice little loyalty program. Furthermore, their customer service seems to be on the ball and DPD is one of the better courier services in the UK.

Even before the Paypal crackdown, I preferred using Visa as I've never really trusted middleman services like Paypal.
At least in the UK, both Visa and Banks have their own assurances in the case of fraud which covers 99% of my purchasing needs.
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