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DRy meiki

Posted: 2019 Feb 19, 16:57
by duranduda
Hey. I entered the text via Google translator, sorry for my French. Please help me with advice on how to dry meiks. There is no through hole in it, and the relief is very complicated. Microfiber does not help and leaves a lot of nap. There is an opportunity to use paper towels. The fan does not dry out, since the air does not pass to the end of the sleeve. At the moment I leave it for about an hour to dry, then pour chlorhexidine into it and put it in a box. vote with this drying, how quickly the fungus will appear on my penis.

Re: DRy meiki

Posted: 2019 Feb 19, 19:21
by AkaiHebi
The easiest is to just let it rest with the hole down after it's washed :)