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Akari Chan no Oshiri (Akaris Butt) is 20% off

Posted: 2019 Jul 05, 01:26
by JasonSmith
Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that Akari Chan no Oshiri (Akaris Butt) is on sale on with a 20% off coupon that you can clip in the item page, I bought it after reading the great reviews it has on but they had it alot more expensive than

Video: ... 08?lang=en
Reviews: ... karis-butt link: price: ¥25,848
When added to cart with a non-Japanese address price: ¥23,933
- 20% off coupon discount = -¥4,787
International Priority Shipping = ¥12,336
Grand Total = ¥31,482

OtonaJP has this same product for ¥289.87 USD (about ¥31,265) + shipping extra so your basically getting free shipping by ordering from