First time buyer advice (length/category/price preferences)

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First time buyer advice (length/category/price preferences)

Post by Kartoffel » 2017 May 30, 11:57

Hi there,

I'm looking for my first onahole.
I did read up many different Beginner Guides but couldn't find convincing advice.

To get into detail what I'm searching for:
  • Most of the ones I find are simply to small, I did read up discussions about tolerance in size or if the onahole's size matters at all, but I'd rather feel secure if I'd get one with an inner tunnel size >=6,5in
  • I looked up many different categories I might like, oftenly getting poor searching results:
    • Double hole onaholes: most i've seen offer like not even 4in anal tunnel length even though especially anal is very important to me.
    • Womb onaholes: found a few (Nakadashi Cum Maid Uterus Sex Onahole for example), but they're also small af
    • (As I explain my price limit later, they are somewhat excluded due to high prices, wanted to include my concerns here anyway) Hips: Might be interesting and potentially have enough space for one or even two long tunnels, though they gotta be air release hole type as far as I understand to be cleanable (I don't think bad of this), but again not only the tunnels are small but also the hips many are intended for stroking, even ones claimed as "ultra realistic" are far from normal hip size. I wonder if there are some wider than 12in.
    • Single hole anal: I did look up some of them but I guess the whole Double hole thing makes anal tunnels that appealing to me.
  • And yeah, after all my choice is strongly influenced by pricing as I've no idea if I like the feeling and shipping to Germany is pricey (also I need to buy lube). Limit with shipping would be somewhere around 45€.
    Recommendations for "adoptable" ones (from /Adopt an Onahole) are welcome too.
This somewhat grew larger than I imagined, I hope anyone went through the trouble of reading my moderate english and can give me reasonable advice.

Thanks in advance.


Re: First time buyer advice (length/category/price preferences)

Post by Kartoffel » 2017 Jun 03, 19:59

By any chance, is there someone who can give me some details about on of the following, as I can't find everything needed to consider buying one: Gonna check on this thread irregulary for a long time, so feel free to answer even if it is old or if you've only small knowledge to share.


Re: First time buyer advice (length/category/price preferences)

Post by kitamurafan » 2017 Jun 04, 11:35

To me, the places to look would be the manufacturer's website. I don't have any info on these products, as I'm new to the onahole world myself.


Re: First time buyer advice (length/category/price preferences)

Post by Kartoffel » 2017 Jun 04, 13:49

Sadly I wasn't able to find any information inbefore, as you advised, I searched for "Tomatoys", seems to be the manufacturer of the puru puru: no luck.
However I tried to search for different terms I can read on the pictures, got atleast some meassures: Size: H212mm x W327mm x D95mm, amazon reviews, reddit and some thread from the archive saying it's just mediocre.

otonajp claims the puni ana is " Discontinued by the maker", so they don't give details. Not on jlist, not on onaholereview, not on blog.onahole... I could probably go on for an hour. Found it on hentaitoy though, nothing written about "discontinued" but also no information on size.

Finally got a picture of the Mangekyo mami though... and that looks ultra disappointing. These are the most boring tunnels I've ever seen (plus anal is short again here, what I pointed out in my entry post already).

Contacted KanojoToys and HentaiToy now, I hope to be able to post the results soon... and of course I hope it is big, so I might consider buying it, I've looked up so many onaholes now without any luck yet, really frustrating.


Re: First time buyer advice (length/category/price preferences)

Post by Kartoffel » 2017 Jun 05, 20:11

Kartoffel wrote:
2017 Jun 04, 13:49
Contacted KanojoToys and HentaiToy now
Got 3 pictures as reply.
Sadly I still don't get why onahips are so fcking tiny.
And 14.5cm tunnel length is already on the longer side...

Probably I should give up as I won't find anything big enough, might be my very own mindsetting blocking my way here, but even as a lolicon I would expect a hip to be larger than my hand.
Maybe Africa will someday be developed enough to produce onaholes for big guys since East-Asia doesn't :disdain:

However, if somebody comes across this thread somewhen in the future, knowing about a large onahip that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, don't hesitate sharing your secret.