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New to Onaholes read I the other thread and am still almost totally lost and have been a while...

Posted: 2018 Nov 23, 07:32
by Ronin94
Before I even start I will say I only even found this forum by accident searching for reviews.
I have had searched variations on "male sex toy" to no real results.
I have been considering Onaholes for a long time now but every time I have tried to find any kind of information it has been almost impossible to come by.
When I started searching a few years ago (it has been an on and off again search for like the last 5 years) The first site I found was J-list and because it looked so shady I never got anything from there.
The next site I found was Kanjo Toys and have built up many lists over the few years of what to buy but due to circumstances and the total coming to over $1000 because I had (and still mostly have) no clue about what I am looking at.
I have found a few English reviews here and there but never enough to really go anywhere with it.
What I am looking for here is some information on the Onaholes I have been unable to find reviews on and double check that I have everything I need. (and its safe to use)
I am fine to use Kanjo as I have basically found everything there and have kind of put in to much work to do otherwise.
I hate to put up a request that is this much work but at this point, I am out of other ideas on how to narrow the unknowns down anymore.
Due to the link cap I have posted the name of each product, just go to Kanjos website and drop it in the search bar.
I will mark any item that is 100% confirmed with # as this post goes on.

Lube (mostly sure on this but feel free to double check the stuff is safe)

Shojo Virgin Saliva Sweet Lubricant
Schoolgirl Saliva Lotion
High School Student Saliva Lubricant
Onatsuyu Onahole Lotion
Lubricant Lotion Mixing Adjustment Kit

Cleaning supplies (no clue how much of this I actually need)

Onahole Care and Maintenance Set
G Project Pepee Lubricant Body Cleaner Spray
Super Wash Masturbator Cleaning Nozzle
G Project Pepee Anti-bacteria Onahole Cleaner
G Project Hole Quick Dry Keisodo Stick for Onaholes
Hole Cleaner for Onaholes


USB Onahole Warmer (Few results come up its the $7 one)

Vaginal simulators (Found reviews on all of these All said these were the most realistic ones on the market)

Himekano Secret Lover Gyaru Onahole
Julia Plus Porn Onahole
Meiki Sarah Masturbator

Traditional masturbators (no clue about any of these was not able to find a review)

Zeqoo Onacup Green Crumble Type
Zeqoo Onacup Yellow Pinch Type
Zeqoo Onacup Blue Chew Type
Zeqoo Onacup Purple Damper Type
Zeqoo Onacup Red Scew Type

Oral simulators (Ones marked with * had positive reviews I could find. The rest are unknowns.)

La Bocca Della Verita Soft Mouth Edition Onahole * (1)
La Bocca Della Verita Blow Job Onahole * (2)

(not sure if 1 is just the soft teeth version of 2. Both are so well reviewed I will likely get both anyways.)

La Bocca Della Verita Perorin Blow Job Onahole *
Boku no Fera Dorei My Blowjob Slave Onahole *

Fellatio Sloppy Blow Job Mouth Onahole
Zetsugi Sugofella Stroke Satomi Nonomiya Porn Star Blow Job
I Love Cock Mikan Kururugi Long Tongue Blowjob Onahole
F&F Fella Fxxk Blowjob Double Hole Onahole
3D-scanned Kizuna Sakura Clone Blow Job Mouth
Sugo-Fella Amazing Blow Job Onahole
Climax Vacuum Idol Lips Blow Job Onahole
Hina's Small Mouth Pussy
Hanjuku Pero Pero Tight Blowjob Mouth Onahole
Strong Suction Long Tongue Fellapuccino
Puni Ana F Onahole
Lipdoll Japanese Teenager Blow Job Mouth Onahole

(One thing I wasn't able to find here to my surprise is something to simulate a tonguejob. If you don't know what that is literally go to any H image site and search it as it will be the first thing that pops up but I can furnish an image upon request. Due to the impossible nature of it I was kind of expecting to find a toy of it. If anyone knows of one please share I am willing to buy it from almost anywhere.)

Re: New to Onaholes read I the other thread and am still almost totally lost and have been a while...

Posted: 2018 Nov 27, 00:34
by AkaiHebi
Hello :)
→ Onatsuyu: very good lube for onaholes, interchangeable with Ubujiru (they are almost same) ... tar-lotion

Cleaning supplies: fairly optional IMO, a careful wash with regular soap is good enough, making sure to dry it well and store it in ventilated area so mold doesn't get to the toys. Disinfectant spray is relevant if the toy hasn't been washed right after use, or if it's a second-hand toy (or intend to sell the toy), or if you share the toy with your partner(s). Let's just face it: like everything else in your home, your onahole is covered in bacteria. Might as well favorite the bacteria that usually resides naturally on your skin, to which your body is used to. The worry is mold and yeast, who can trigger quite an itchy infection on sensitive membranes. Antibacterial spray has little effect on that. If anything, hydrogen peroxide is a sharp weapon.

We got a few bloggers listed on but sure I always feel there's a lack of "connoisseurs" sharing their experience with onaholes :( More than a lonely post on Reddit, I mean.
According to dick science, pretty much everyone has their own shape, sensitivity, and such. So it's particularly tricky trying to generalize about a toy when so much relies on personal experience.

One day, pick a couple affordable toys who will be the first of your collection. Those who will begin your exploration of onaholes, who will allow you to try out different types until you find which exactly work the best on you (soft? tight? realistic? with bumps? with waves? with teeth? with open bottom?). After all, it's the "hit and miss" that got me starting a blog about onaholes :D

Re: New to Onaholes read I the other thread and am still almost totally lost and have been a while...

Posted: 2018 Dec 03, 20:20
by Ronin94
I went and ordered most of it. Got everything listed other than the Zeqoo's. Shipping is a damn fortune. Anyone have any clue how long it takes kanjo to ship stuff? I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation.