A Successful First Order (UK)

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A Successful First Order (UK)

Post by FrankieHighway » 2018 Mar 08, 22:25

Hello forums,

Just writing in about my first order of onaholes.

I ordered from OtonaJP 2 onaholes, 1 toy bag (EXTRA LARGE...), lube (which was on offer), via: Airmail Small Packet (estimated 14 to 30 days).
I left an order comment asking them to declare it at full value (I don't fancy my chances playing against HMRC) and to declare it as 'plastic toy'.

I had my parcel sent to a Doddle branch in Morrisons, so I could collect it in-person as I still live with parents.
(Sadly Doddle has just discontinued the service where you can just send a parcel to their address, you have to use their partner retailers...).

OtonaJP give you a tracking number which you can enter into the Japan Post tracking site, or for more information once it hits the UK, the Royal Mail tracking site.

Within 2 weeks the parcel had arrived and I was going to collect it exactly 2 weeks after I made the order. Due to the UK weather at the time, though, I had to resort to going the week after. I was happy to find that my parcel hadn't been hit by import duty/VAT even though it exceeded the threshold of £15. (I think luck may be involved as a friend once managed to get something clearly declared at £130 through without VAT).

The parcel was well-padded and the label was written by hand. The customs declaration mentioned 'toy figure (plastic) (no battery, no adhesive)' and 'hand soap (no alcohol)'.

The 'hand soap' declaration could cause some questions for certain people if their parents caught wind of it, perhaps.

Anyway, I got relatively lucky, both in the lack of applied import VAT, and the timing (whilst Doddle is still open).

I have yet to try my purchases as I am making sure I have the kit to clean it properly.

Many thanks to this forum for existing and having all the advice one could want!
Hope this case study helps someone to make a decision about their own purchase.

If anyone knows of any alternative services to Doddle in order to collect arbitrary packages at another address, that would be very much appreciated! And may come in useful for a future order.

(For Irish users, I hear ParcelMotel offers such a service)

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Re: A Successful First Order (UK)

Post by darkhomer17 » 2018 Mar 09, 01:58

I have to give props to OtonaJP, their customer service representative are helpful even if you didn't order anything. I am tempted to get that rose lube since they are one of the few that sell it.