Repairing my broken onaholes (just pics)

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Repairing my broken onaholes (just pics)

Post by AnonymousD » 2015 Oct 05, 12:03

After some time, onaholes break. But with a soldering iron, and using material from an old onahole you don't care anymore, you could try to fix them. Here a few pics:

I'm a bit worried of all the smoke I've inhaled, I don't know if it's toxic, but I think I feel my throat irritated. I tried not to breath, but I've inhaled some of the smoke, I'd try to avoid onahole repairing from now to be safe. Do you have any tips about onahole repairing? Or do you just throw them away after they break?
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Re: Repairing my broken onaholes (just pics)

Post by AkaiHebi » 2015 Oct 05, 21:45

Uuuh yeah totally avoid inhaling the smoke, the best is to do it outside/window with the wind blowing it away from you :dunno:
(yep personally if it breaks I cut into pieces and put in trash)


Re: Repairing my broken onaholes (just pics)

Post by Thuktun » 2015 Nov 26, 19:12

Lol, when you said you cut it into pieces before throwing away I had a mental image of a sea turtle stuck in an onahole like they do in 6 pack plastic rings.


Re: Repairing my broken onaholes (just pics)

Post by Anon » 2016 Oct 04, 18:16

Ill say this to the really determined perverts out there.

While yes, a soldering iron will suffice to close holes/rips in your product, they often leave a very unappealing molten scar.
If you have the money or the resources, a blow torch, preferably a hand held model, and some thin wire or paperclip.

Now the blow torch may sound extreme, but not if you use it properly.
If you set the torch to a low burning flame you can use this to heat up a wire or paperclip folded to your needs to carve of pieces of another onahole, or excess off the one your repairing. Now this will still leave a molten scar but if you bend the tip of your wire into an "L" shape and heat it up properly you can use that to sculpt the scar to a smother surface.

Once you got close enough to the desired smoothness you then use the blow torch itself to heat the area directly. It is safe to have the open flame make contact if it is a soft wispy flame and not a jet flame. Just pas over the scar area until you see the surface start to melt slightly and gloss over. If you see smoke, you've used too much heat, just let it chill again and repeat until the scar has smooth over.

Also, in some cases when heating the original cut may either reopen or bubbles will appear. In this case what you need to do is add extra silicone tissue and melt it until it becomes a pool of liquid silicone over the opening that fills it in. Once filled in I recommend you use an ice cube to flash chill the newly melted silicone to make it set faster. Then sculpt and smooth using the methods mentioned before.

I just finished repairing my last onahole, so sorry that I didn't provide pictures.


Re: Repairing my broken onaholes (just pics)

Post by JapaneseOnaholeFan » 2016 Oct 11, 22:39

I have sculpted entire vaginas out of old onahole before.
The best iron to get for smaller detail work in a 12 watt.
I also use a 25watt with an aluminum bulb I made. It reduces the temperature of the iron a little.
If your getting a lot of smoke then you are getting it to hot.
You should only have a little smoke.
You will notice that when you over heat TPE, it will smoke, change color, and smell.
That's because over a certain temp it actually starts to produce hydrocarbons.