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R20 - Bungee Shake

Post by onizuka » 2016 Mar 16, 14:47

In my first order i got Toysheart R20 and Ride Japan Bungee Shake from NLS. Didn't get extra lube and heater which was a mistake. Xanthan lube worked OK but it isn't as good. I used them for a time and wanted to write something about them. I hope it will be helpful. NLS shipped them very fast and they removed the boxes and artworks per my request :cry: Japan Post was also very fast, they reached to my country in three days. I gave the post office's adress and picked it up from there without any problems, I definitely didn't want it to come to my home :mistake: . It didn't seem like customs opened the package. NLS hid the toys under a thick carboard layer and some magazine paper.

I opened Bungee Shake first. A bit smelly but not a bad smell. Outside of the material is nice to touch even without corn starch. It has a nice texture. First time i got a onahole on my hand it felt much softer and elastic than i expected.
So it is time to try it! I put some ube on the lips. This lips are very useful, makes it easier to lube and enter. I enter slowly. It resist and doesn't led me enter all the way. Then lube spreads and i enter all the way, aaand... It is cold. Damn, should have got the heater... Anyway i don't feel much anything as i stroke couple of minutes until it gets warm. Then it starts to feel. Not mind blowing or anything. The pleasure build-up is very slow compared to hand. That surprised me. I thought i would feel amazing from the start and i would reach to orgasm much faster with onaholes compared to hand masturbation. I even lose erection at first while changing what i watch.
But is starts to feel better and better as you go. And it starts to feel amazing and stays felling that way a LONG time. I surprised that i felt every rib since the onahole is very soft and ribs are not very pronounced. I didn't expect this. I didn't come right away surprisingly, even though it felt amazing. This is the best aspect of onaholes for me. They feel good and they feel good a LONG time. I continue to stroke and i finally felt like reaching to end. I never make any sound when i reach i orgasm but let me tell you this: I am glad that no one was home at that time :o First time i felt something like this. I was heavy breathing and couldn't get out of onahole because i was so sensitive right after orgasm. That is another first. Just amazing. Very glad that i got into this.

Anyway lets get past first time experience and talk more about the onahole itself. It has strings inside and they mildly contribute to the feeling. They stretch and than pop, it is fun. Other than strings, tructure is very plain. Just a straight open tunnel with ribs. Onahole is very short. I kept popping out on the end when i stroke a bit fast. The wall thickness at the end is very thin and looks funny when i pop in the end :D Doesn't seems like gonna rip though, material is very elastic. But shortness has it's merit, it keeps the balls and its area clean, no lube there. Easier to clean up after you done. Even though it is short, it has a very good thickness. Makes it tighter and contributes to vacuum effect. And you feel less like masturbating which is also good. I didn't expect any vacuum with this onahole but to my surprise it has plenty. If I squeze out the air and enter, it sucks and takes me by itself, doesn't let go. I enjoyed this very much. And lips grab and doesn't wanna let go when you exit. That is a huge turn on for me. When you leave the air inside, it tries to get you out. Can't leave my hands of it for a moment because it pops out. There is some noise if you let the air in but no noise at all if you get the air out, thats very nice. I used the lube came with it and xanthan lube with different thicknesses. To my experience, thinner the better. It retains the lube well. Some leaks if you use too much lube but labia and lips catches it and you still stay clean. Cleaning is very easy. It turns inside out with no effort. Dries fast. I use dishwash soap and water. I have hydrogen peroxide just in case but so far it doesn't have any foul smells so i didn't use it. I discovered onaholes attract small hairs and they don't go easily and accepted this. Also when you clean it, your hands get oily and smells like onahole and doesn't come of with soap. I guess they reek a bit of oil.

So lets come to the R20... The lube came with it is in a small bottle which is nice. But the lube has a bit of smell. Onahole is huge and feels nice to touch, even better than bungee shake. I stretch the entrance and see all the teeths and bumps inside, scarry :D. R20 is much longer than Bungee Shake but a bit slimmer. It flaps around :D It is somewhat hard to lube the entrance. It gets messy easily unlike Bungee Shake. I like to keep my both hand clean while using onaholes which was not possible with r20 but easy with bungee shake. I slowly enter with small strokes to get the lube spread. As the lube spreads it felt dry immediatly so i added more lube. Then more... It is almost like eating the lube or something. Probably because it is long and has many bumps. But when you lube it nice, it retains it very well. But all the near entrance area get lubed because it hase lo labia or lips.
Again it felt cold, no pleasure.(I should get that warmer) Stroking is different with this onahole. Not plain, you feel opening and popping of the bumps as you enter deeper. It resists a bit, then pop. Then again. It is like continuously popping. And you see these pops on the outside, since it is thin. Looks funny :D Onahole is looser compared to bungee shake. Tunnel size is exactly same size as my length. It is nice to be able to stroke all the way down. It has HUGE suction when you get all the air out. Well no surprise there, it has not one but two suction chambers. You feel distinctly entering these chambers by the way. But since there are no lips it not as satisfactioary as bungee shake when I exit. When you get the all air out, the tunnel structure becomes even more pronounced and onahole becomes much tighter overall.
Anyway, as it warmed up it started to feel good. A bit on the rough side sometimes. This hinders the pleasue. But more lube fixes this to an extend. I turn it and use with different angle when i don't like the sensation of it. It is a perfect cyclinder so you can't tell which side is up or down.If you are rock hard and stroke fast, it starts to hurt sometimes. It is like scratching. You need to slow down or try a different angle. You would think Hardness and pronounced bumps would be more stimulating but they didn't make me orgasm faster because of these reasons. But sometimes you get the sweet spot angle and it feels amazing, you reach the orgasm very fast when you got this. Just a bit annoying to trying to find a pleasurable angle. Also leaving the air in it makes it somewhat milder, which helps to smooth out the feeling. Cleaning is harder than bungee shake. Material doesn't seem to strain
when turned inside out but turning it inside out is a bit harder since it is very long. Rest is same, dries fast and leaves some smell at hand afterwards.
Overall, i glad that i bought it but i don't find as pleasurable as Bungee Shake. Best aspect of it of course being able to penetrate balls deep. Bungee Shake is short but that makes it good for stealth operations . Easier to hide, easier to clean, doesn't make mess on itself or on you(keeps balls clean).

This was my first review. The reviews from blog was very helpful to make my choices on first puchase. I also got suggestions from here before buying and everyone was very helpful. I hope this review helps to other users. Here is my topic before buying: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=105&p=509&sid=af213 ... 0aa15#p509