Are onahole more physically stimulating than the real thing?


Are onahole more physically stimulating than the real thing?

Post by WompGomp » 2017 Jan 19, 09:23

Hi all,

Someone in an online roleplaying chatroom I frequent linked me to this website, (for tl;dr read on), which talks about 5-10% of men discovering masturbation by rubbing against something instead of playing with it. I am one of those % and have gotten head from a woman which was completely boring and I had to think of something else to cum for her.
It also talks about how guys who get off "prone" like me have trouble getting used to sex with a woman because there's so much less physical stimulation than a pillow provides, "Even males who enjoy masturbating the conventional way don't get as much stimulation from intercourse as from masturbation. For males who masturbate prone, the amount of stimulation in intercourse is a small fraction of what they get masturbating."

I've never really felt any kind of "romantic feelings" for anyone, so for me sex with someone would be completely about physical stimuli. I've often wondered why no onahole claim to be "just like the real thing", as I have always assumed (incorrectly?) that the real things provide the most stimulation possible. The one I did manage to find that tried to be realistic was a unit that tried to emulate anal sex and the description said it wasn't particularly stimulating.
Firstly, I wondered if anybody could tell me if this is true (romantic feelings aside)? Could the reason I was bored by her be the lack of stimulation?
And secondly, how do onaholes fit into this picture? Are they far more physically stimulating than pussy or a sheet? From a purely physical standpoint, might using one completely remove my ability to get used to a chick? (I'd consider this a positive outcome :P )

Thanks! UwU

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Re: Are onahole more physically stimulating than the real thing?

Post by Cr4zyDuck » 2017 Jan 19, 11:46

Thanks for posting this article, I admit that I've never really thought about this subject so it was really interesting reading and learning all those new things about this topic.
Personnaly, before discovering onahole about one year agoo now, I was always used to masturbate by hand while watching hentai anime, reading doujinshi or playing eroge. Ever since I became an otaku about 6 years agoo, I was truly unable to masturbate with standart western porn or any other kind of 3D related stuff (while in my earlier years, I always tend to go on pornhub and other so famous website...)

Even though this is a personnal trouble of mine, I feel it kinda matches to this thread since I also can't get excited and erected with "normal" 3D content. (to me a loli doujinshi would make me rock hard while a porn video wouldn't even raise a flag...)

Coming back to your subject, first I think that you're not completely wrong considering your blowjob experience with that chick. Let me get this straight, I've still never had sex nor oral things with a 3D girl. Actually, I just can't judge since I've never experienced the real thing yet, and honestly I can't really say that I want to but that's an other story.

However, I have a good experience with onaholes (as you can see on the blog with my review) so this is my conclusion : YES to me it seems that masturbating with either onahole/hip or prone masturbation will result in a disapointing experience once people would get to experience their first intercourse. Like, for prone masturbation I did it when I was younger with my matress but very rarely. Even though, it felt awesome and the stimulation was definitely top notch comparated to regular hand stroking.

So the problem with all this is If you masturbate a lot weekly or daily, either with prone positions or with onahole (even very tight ones like virgin age admission) then it's unavoidable that you'll be disapointed with real sex since obviously in no way a pussy would be as tight and pleasurable as an onahole. It's also common that women tends to simulate a lot, I don't have data on hand ftm but during vaginal penetration, it's heard that most of them just don't really feel anything and would get much more stimulation from preliminaries (clit stimulation...)

In short: you get tremendous faping stimulation with onaholes, and once you get to the real things since you're so accustomed to this sensations and tightness you know way too well then getting a blowjob from a chick, fucking her pussy or ass might feel... plain, boring ?

As I said I can't really argue since I've never tried the real thing yet, but as a regular onahole fapper and bloger I can tell you that getting so much pleasure weakly from toy's and 2D things might result in some hidden effect for the future sex experience.

Of course, if you love the girl you're fucking maybe you'll reach orgasm sooner though ^^ but if like, you need to think about something else to cum because her blowjob feels plain, then I think it illutsrates perfectly what I mentionned above.

Lastly, why don't onahole maker go for something which would provide "realistic sensations" ? To me, simply because it would show to the people who haven't experienced sex that it actually doesn't feel THAT stimulating compared to their usual handstroking session.

I might be wrong, but those are my thoughts =)