Which hip onahole?

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Which hip onahole?

Post by Advixi » 2017 Sep 29, 21:13

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Re: Which hip onahole?

Post by NotAnElf » 2017 Sep 30, 21:48

I would stray from overly cheap hips, and check some ToyDemon reviews, or this place(use translate): http://www.onaho.net/sueoki/

I tried the Mini hera and was disappointed, and have just ordered the https://www.otona-sekai.com/en/meiki-va ... goshi.html as I didn't want to get a hip that just acted like an oversized handheld onahole. For how much hassle they are to clean, they need to be something special imho, else you are better of looking at a nice handheld one, especially as a first onahole.

For the two you list, this seems to be the new version of the bigger one https://www.otona-sekai.com/en/onaholes ... tml?cid=10 and might be worth a look at if you are dead-set on getting a hip
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