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Which store to choose ?

Posted: 2019 May 24, 21:39
by etherel

I was planning to buy a puni ana spdx and a virgin admission but motsutoys only use DPD and GLS for shipping, and those two have terrible reputation overall (literally thousands of bads commentary).

Should i wait a few month and pay more(from 200 to 400 .. -.-') via otonajp or is GLS not so bad ?

Re: Which store to choose ?

Posted: 2019 Jun 01, 21:48
by FutaManticore
Hmm, not many bites around here...

I suppose the main question is, which country are you situated in?

I've used MotsuToys exclusively for maybe 18 months now and have never encountered any problems.

I live in the UK, and one of the current benefits is no customs charges or hidden Tax (don't start on the pink elephant...) and delivery has never been a problem.

For DPD in the UK, I chose to have the parcel sent to a local Pick-up Point and was as simple as showing a QPQ code to the assistant. Plain cardboard box so no indication of the contents. (If you have to make an excuse/mindless small talk, MotsuToys could be described as Memrobilia with only a slight manipulation of the truth.)

As for GLS, they operate through Parcelforce in the UK and seem to be the equal of Royal Mail depending on your experience.

All my orders have had a tracking reference so it seems pretty secure and I've had anything from a couple of Onaholes to a 7kg Hip Masterbator arrive without a fuss.

Re: Which store to choose ?

Posted: 2019 Jul 13, 21:59
by hunter6
I guess you are based in Europe.
Well, I've ordered from motsutoys several times and didn't experience any problem.Also, they have really good customer service and I think you could ask for a refund.

I don't think it's worth it to spend a small fortune for ordering from USA or Japap,unless it's a product which is not available in Europe.

There are other vendors too(,omochadreams(although they seem to have most of their products out of stock)