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Is this a fake?

Posted: 2018 Aug 25, 16:06
by manic99
After doing a little research - I managed to find this on the UK Amazon ... 015&sr=1-5

What I'm baffled by is the price - it seems to be a lot cheaper than most other places...
After looking at the the products on the sellers page - they all seem rather cheap.
I checked the reviews for the other products and they seem legit.

A little hesitant - not sure if I should take the plunge and try it

Re: Is this a fake?

Posted: 2018 Aug 25, 22:38
by AkaiHebi
"Dispatched from and sold by Amazon"
I guess that's part of the answer: Amazon can get quite good wholesale prices and affordable shipping.
The displayed £75.71 seem plausible to me, although for a hip-masturbator it's a bit on the pricey side (and so are all Kokos products).

If anything, Amazon's customer service is hellish good. When you receive the product, lookup the barcode to authentify it.

Re: Is this a fake?

Posted: 2018 Aug 25, 23:06
by manic99
Will be delivered tomorrow - will verify the barcode when I receive it.

Edit: Received it - checked the barcode and it is indeed legit