Opinions on a new onahole?

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Opinions on a new onahole?

Post by TryingANewOne » 2015 Oct 21, 00:41

Does anyone know anything about this onahole? It seems to be fairly new, so I can't find anything on it.


Thinking about getting a new onahole and it seems to have a few interesting concepts all rolled into one product, but I always prefer to be convinced by real people. For reference, this would be my 3rd one, after Rina and Lolinco (and I enjoyed both, though I think I preferred Rina for some reason).

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Re: Opinions on a new onahole?

Post by AkaiHebi » 2015 Oct 21, 22:54

Since it's ToysHeart's "Fine Cross" material, I'd blindly say "yes" :D
onaho.net gives it quite decent scores: http://www.onaho.net/hikantu/gichigichi_virgin.html

When I look at it, I think the suction could be quite nice, interesting also are the "frenulum teasing" bumps, now about the glans-tickling strings I'm in uncharted territory. That onahole could be great for people with cervix-penetration fetish I guess.

I wanna stick my dick in there, it looks more adventurous than the two sisters I have on my review queue 8-)