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First Time (Paranoid) Buyer

Posted: 2019 May 08, 19:55
by F1ForHelp
Hello. I've never used an Onahole, but am planning to be buy one. Beware, I'm a super paranoid 18 year old living with 2 grandparents, an uncle and his daughter, and my brother of about a year younger than me. (Yeah pretty odd family setup.)

Right now, I'm planning to buy this one from Amazon Japan. ... 0CbHJQTYQS

A couple of questions related to shipping. I live in Missouri, right in the middle of the U.S. Would the artwork set off any sort of alarms for me? (Loli-wise) Also, how privately will it ship? (I dread the idea of the UPS Man handing my grandma a blatant looking box.)

In my cart, I also have this lube ( ... 0CbBMAHG8G), 5 manga, and a pretty cheap gaming headset. These are things I've planned on buying, but will that also assure me that it's all in one, normal looking Amazon box?

I've done everything except pull the trigger on ordering it.
That's all I think of right now. I love information. Please feed me more of it! Thanks in advance!

Re: First Time (Paranoid) Buyer

Posted: 2019 May 10, 16:49
by ddkc
A Loli acceptance map of North America from the internet. (looks like Missouri is in the red zone...) ... oli_guide/

It's better safe than sorry to ask the seller if they can remove the artwork/packaging since you don't know which state Customs will be checking your stuff, and I'm not sure if you can with Amazon.
As for the shipping box, if it's fulfilled by Amazon then it'll come in an smiley amazon box, otherwise it'll be up to the seller to pack it.
If everything is fulfilled by amazon (including manga and headset) then it should come in one box, because it'll be picked and packed by Amazon.

Now, if you're willing to pay a bit more (probably the same with shipping cost from .jp), I just found that .com has it and fulfilled by amazon. So, it'll come in an amazon box and no prying eyes from US customs. ... hpc&sr=1-8

Re: First Time (Paranoid) Buyer

Posted: 2019 May 11, 01:37
by F1ForHelp
Thanks for the info and the link!

Now, the onahole on says that it estimates the soonest it would ship would be on May 28 from "YMS-SHOP." This, as well as the fact that it wants to ship separately from other things in the cart, makes me think that this is still being internationally shipped. However, the shipping cost seems to be local ($5.34), so I'm still unsure.

At the moment, I'm still leaning towards (only because of other advantages, cost and availability wise. Why is manga so cheap in Japan, man?), but I'm going to wait this out a bit to find more info. I might be reporting back later.

Thanks again!

Re: First Time (Paranoid) Buyer

Posted: 2019 May 14, 15:16
by F1ForHelp
Small Update: I think I'm going to use the site, "" to make my order. They said they can remove packaging, however they apparently cannot ship any lotions, which is a small but acceptable annoyance. I'll see how shipping costs work out later if or when I make the order.

Re: First Time (Paranoid) Buyer

Posted: 2019 May 15, 01:07
by ddkc
I wasn't sure if you were comfortable to use proxy/forwarding services.
Following are 2 recommended by other onahole enthusiasts;

I have yet to try them out myself, do read through it yourself.