Ordering an onahole in the summer/Temperature issue

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Ordering an onahole in the summer/Temperature issue

Post by hunter6 » 2019 Jul 13, 22:07

Hello guys, new member here. At first I should congratulate you for this forum and generally the site.It's really useful for onahole buyers.

Well, my issue is that I want to order an onahole now in the summer but I'm afraid it may deform/melt due to high temperature.Where I live temp reaches 35-39C.

I've read here https://pastebin.com/raw/hwhGL66a the following:
''Can my hole freeze or melt during shipping or if I leave it outside when I can’t pick it up? I live in X country.
A: Drastic change in temps are alright, depending on what hole. Lower temperatures, as far as I have found, increase the likelihood of plasticizer leaking due to a difference in thermal expansion(in this case, contraction). Just expect it to be rather oily when you first get it. For higher temperatures, it may deform and “melt”, depending on where pressure is exerted in its packaging.''

Therefore, is there any chance to ask the seller to provide any protection for the onahole? e.g thermal insulation packaging,freeze boards etc.). I don't want to be ''tighter'' due to shape deformation.

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Re: Ordering an onahole in the summer/Temperature issue

Post by AkaiHebi » 2019 Jul 18, 21:54

I noticed onaholes got less sensitive to temperature these last years. They don't deform and "melt" as much in the heat.
Nevertheless, if they do deform slightly during shipping, their initial shape is made to accommodate a penis, so they quickly regain their factory-shape once used (as a penis emits enough heat itself).
Plus, most onaholes ship inside a plastic tray which can deform slightly itself, in turn the onahole doesn't "deform" by lack of a hard surface it lays on.

Just make sure onaholes are not hit by direct sunlight, and can dry properly especially if your climate is humid and/or mold-friendly ;)