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Puni Ana F!

Posted: 2018 Sep 03, 05:18
by kinnikuman
Has anyone ordered the Puni Ana Blowjob yet?
I'm actually very pumped waiting for that little mouth to arrive at my doorstep.
Since this hole came out recently I haven't seen many reviews of it yet, so this is the first toy I buy without basing my decision on public reviews.
I'd love to hear your opinion of this toy if you already own it, I'll post my review here once I try it out!

Related video below:

Re: Puni Ana F!

Posted: 2018 Sep 05, 00:06
by MarcusWeir
OnahoDouga(Japanese site) just published review yesterday.
This onahole got 2/5 stars rated.
Look like Puni Ana F is a Hanjuku! PeroPero Version(はんじゅくっ!ぺろぺろばーじょん), discontinued product, just revive itself and get in EXE's Puni Ana onahole series.
Hanjuku! PeroPero Version is a "Soft" type onahole and according to one guy in otonaJP customer review, it can tear even first use(so use it with care).
But I'm not sure if Puni Ana F durability is the same, because I don't have both.
Puni Ana F

Hanjuku! PeroPero Version

Re: Puni Ana F!

Posted: 2018 Sep 14, 21:28
by darkhomer17
Interesting stuff, I wonder if it can compare to La Bocca.