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New user questions

Post by onaelly » 2017 Oct 20, 05:13

Getting my first onahole today. Just a little concerned on the cleaning and storing part. Is it okay to just clean with warm water and dry properly using microfiber towels? A guide said that its not good to flip the onahole inside out, but I don't think you can actually dry it 100% without doing so. If so, is that remaining moisture going to damage/gather bacteria in the onahole? Another guide mentioned that just simply washing and drying would suffice, hence I am not sure.

Also are the use of powder and anti-bacterial spray compulsory? Assuming if cleaning and drying is done right.
Are onaholes generally okay being stored in a air-tight box/container? Assuming they are all dried.

Last question, storing them in bags inside a closet is fine right? Without crushing them and what not of course.

My main concern is just that they stay clean for use and last long, that's all.

Also side note, how long does one usually last? I just got the gichi gichi virgin one.

EDIT: What kind of soap do people usually use for onaholes? Like soap bar or just any hand soap solution/liquid would do?


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Post by Ato » 2017 Oct 25, 01:13

got the same questions pretty much, the onahole I bought can't be turned inside out without potential damage


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Post by gildran » 2017 Oct 27, 07:25

with drying with microfiber i highly suggest that you try making these;

i made a set of 10 and it worked really well at drying it out.

as for soap, i use softsoap anti bacterial handsoap.

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Post by AkaiHebi » 2017 Nov 04, 14:57

Sometimes I just clean with water and let it dry but that's knowing I'll use the same onahole less than a day later.
In general, I'll still recommend using simple handsoap or shower gel (since 90% of the time I take a shower just afterwards this is convenient for me)

Antibacterial soap or spray: I think there are only a few cases where using them every time is really necessary:
- the toy is still new (used less than 5 times so far)
- the toy is shared with someone who isn't a long-term sex partner of yours OR if any of you didn't do a STD checkup recently
- your home is polluted with dust, mold or you have a pet
The reason behind it is: bacteria is everywhere in your environment, and soon enough the interior of the onahole will have your "bacterial signature" (the same bacteria types that naturally live on your genitals). Those bacteria are harmless because they live in "symbiosis" with your body, and actually prevent more dangerous bacteria from developing. So, it's okay if those bacteria are not wiped out with antibacterial product. Simple soap will control their population by removing most of it, just like on your skin. For new toys you gotta wipe the "bacteria from outside" until the bacteria from your home and skin replaced them, whose your body is prepared for.

Drying the onahole is a must, however: pat dry with microfiber cloth, or at the very least let the onahole dry in the open air "hole downside" -if- you don't have mold problems in your home (avoid air-tight box). Unlike bacteria, mold can cause skin infection and is not good at all and very long to get rid of. Believe me. You don't want athelete's foot, and not anywhere else than on the foot to begin with :pain:

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Post by darkhomer17 » 2017 Nov 18, 15:31

Here is a reference on how I clean it.

1. Rinse everything out
2. Get some hand soap/ soap and clean the inside
3. Rinse until no more bubbles
4. Rip a paper towel into 4 equal squares and put use each square over my finger to get in there deep to absorb the moisture. You can use more paper towel. Dry enough, so when you put your finger inside, it isn't wet or slippery at all.
5. Put it in my onahole bag with zipper open and let it air dry overnight since I usually use it at night.
Extra Credit: Using a USB-Fan to blow at it for 1 hour-30 minutes.

6.Then store it away in the bag with a silica packet.
-Mental note, I should make those microfiber finger thingy lol.