Moo-Musume Onahole from Merci

how good was your onahole ?

Moo-Musume Onahole from Merci

Post by SourMidori » 2016 Jan 25, 04:34

Hi all, I have browsed this site for a while now, time to give something back.

Today I received 3 onaholes, two of which I will review later.

The first one I will be reviewing is:

Moo-Musume from Merci

Japanese name: モォー娘(むす)

I was particularly attracted to buying this onahole because of the lotion that it came with. 120ml? That could last over several months (based on my use).

Anyway, I put it in my cart in Amazon JP and I opened it today.


The front of the box, note how they made a translation error.
Not sure how I feel about having coitus a cow, but anyway, nice art, her eyes look a little lifeless, but pretty good anyway.


This onahole is the transparent kind! Great for seeing how far your lil Johnny is reaching inside.


A 120ml Bottle of lube, next to it is a 50ml bottle that came with another onahole I purchased previously.


The onahole, it looks a little gross in my opinion, they seemed to have rubbed some sort of lubricant on the outside so it sticks to your hand a bit.


The inside...

Anyway, this onahole is the first I have tried out of the three that I received today.
The insides are about 12 cm ( a bit less than 5 inches) and the onahole itself is a little harder than others I have tried.

There isn't much to say about the lube, it works pretty well, a little thin in my opinion but that's just preference.

Now how does it feel?

Pretty mediocre. The entrance is hard to get your pecker through without an ample amount of lube applied, I would say that the tightness overall is average, but the entrance is somewhat tight. The folds feel pretty decent, however it wasn't an overly powerful stimulation. I came in around 15 mins based on the porn I was watching, this is longer than usual for me, and the climax felt pretty strong due to the extended stimulation. I'm not sure who was getting milked, was it me or the cow :P

Cleaning it was easy, I could flip it over without any problems and I feel like it should last quite a while based on the material.

I got mine for around 1400 yen, however there are sellers that may sell it for even cheaper.

So the verdict?:

Feeling and Pleasure - 6.5/10
Materials and Cleaning - 10/10
Packaging and addons - 8/10
Price - 9/10

A great starters package with a large bottle of lube and a lasting onahole.

Note: Please provide feedback on my reviews and what I should include in my future ones. Also AkaiHebi notice me senpai. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.


Re: Moo-Musume Onahole from Merci

Post by Guest » 2016 May 10, 05:58

Great.... Where did you get it?