how did you ended up using a onahole ?


how did you ended up using a onahole ?

Post by myalt » 2015 Jul 28, 21:10

i'm curious about it
how did you first thought using about it ?
For me it came after a long time ( i'm in my mid 30's ) . i was just masturbating with my hand and was satisfied about it .
But one day i decided to add some "spices" in my lonely games , i had already heard about those things but never tried , so i searched on the net and found and my first thought was " hmm, maybe " .
I browsed all the imageboard and saw how much the "offer " was wide .
So the day after i looked more closely at the merchant and decided to try then i ordered my first toy ( a puni ana dx hard )
The wait was long and then it was delivered and ...omg i almmost fell in love the first time i tried it :mrgreen:
So 3 weeks after this i ordered the "open my pussy Lolinco" , just to have something easyer to put in my luggage when i need to go out from my home .
And ....that's all for now my collection is quite tiny but i think i will soon buy another one :p
So dear members , what lead you to use a onahole , what was your first experience ?

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Re: how did you ended up using a onahole ?

Post by AkaiHebi » 2015 Jul 29, 12:02

If I remember correctly, I was minding my business on NyaaTorrents back in Spring 2011, then slightly curious about that J-List banner, click on it, browse the shop a bit, notice the "Adult Corner", click there, see "holes" category, click on it, stare at what's in there, unaware it even existed. Burn in curiosity and horniness.
The day after I bought whatever parody onaholes for the series I was into (Haruhi's Melancholy, Oreimo, K-On).
Received the package a couple weeks later. My life changed after that 8-)

3 years ago, open a thread on 4chan, anon suggests me to take a look at NLS, I turn crazy, receive my first order from NLS, decide to create a blog about onaholes. I regret nothing ;)


Re: how did you ended up using a onahole ?

Post by 0xFF » 2015 Jul 30, 09:30

I've been using my hand for years and never complained about it. I knew about the Tenga but wasn't interested.

Then one day, for some unknown reason, I found myself wondering if masturbation machines existed. I thought that hand free motorized fapping would be great and that such machines definitely had to exist. I did some researches and found things such as the Autoblow2 and the Zini BangBang, but after reading reviews I figured these weren't good at all. However, I discovered that onaholes existed as well and thought I should try that instead.

I started with Rina and Roa and liked them so much I bought plenty others after that.

I still wish a good motorized onahole existed but I guess that won't be before a long time.


Re: how did you ended up using a onahole ?

Post by Guest » 2015 Aug 01, 21:02

lol @ the posts above. I was actually browsing the web about 2 years ago when I came across an ad featuring the Fleshlight. Being a young male, I of course clicked on the link to find out more. Upon discovering that such devices existed, I became fascinated with it and soon found myself with 2 Fleshlights. Soon afterwards, I realized there were other vendors offering similar "toys". That's when I found out that J-List carried onaholes, and of course I bought myself a couple. It was actually a little difficult to decide from the large selection available. Onaholes are typically smaller and aimed at the Japanese market, so they fit me perfectly since I'm not quite as big as the average american male. Several weeks later, I stumbled upon NLS and have been growing my collection ever since. 8-)

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Re: how did you ended up using a onahole ?

Post by Cr4zyDuck » 2016 Jan 05, 22:31

Sorry the topic's date is from July, I'm kind of late ^^
But considering my own experience, I've been using my hands for years now. And all of a sudden, I think it was late September 2015, I started thinking about this stupid question "does men's mastrubator exist ?"
Well it was after having watched a hentai in which a girl was using a lot of different sextoys, being raped and everything while using them and... well that's not the point here, but suddenly and out of nowhere I was wondering about it.
And of course now I know that it does exist and that there are a lot of them on the market, but back in the days well... I knew girl did have a TONS to play with, but I didn't have any guess considering those for men. I was soo stupid, seriousely ^^

So yeah, after that I started making some research and found some website with plenty of them. It was those famous ones like fleshlight and other kind of stuff...

But surprisingly I didn't buy anything. But then a week later, while watching a documentary about the "sexual problems in Japan and the sexless couples" that I've first heard about Tenga. I was like "wow, this dude seem's to have a lot of fun with it..."
So I checked on the same website and found the Tenga Series. I ordered a pack containing 1 Eggs, Deep Throat and the double hole's one. I was satisfied though, it was trueyl different from what I've had ever felt so far with my own hands, but the problem was that I couldn't use them more than 1 or 2 time, the material of the "entrance" parts was just torns apparts and I used the egg one time only because while faping it did broke too... I thought, "does the problem comes from my fucking dick or .... ?"

So I both throw them away, and bought an other reusable one from Shot Toys. Very disappointed too, but even so I used it a LOT and came a LOT while using it... but after several month, the entrance was torns apparts too, so as the inner structer, so I ended up throwing it.

And now, about 1 week ago, while surfing on J-List, I've found this "Adult Corner" at the bottom of the list. So I clicked on it and was amazed by the HUGE quantity of stuff I found. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really feel like an idiot... I mean, I'm a fucking otaku which keep's watching hentai and I've never even THOUGHT that there might be some kind of product like this on the market...
So then, while trying to pic up some informations on each ones, I discovered, found all those review and ended up cracking my bank for :

- Onatsuyu Lotion
- USB Onahole Warmer
- Secret Twin Tales Kana Chan
- Sujiman Kupa Rina

I just can't wait to try them both, hopefully there won't be any kind of problem, especially for the size... but I'm really hooked up in the mood now, I want to know how it really does feel ! Since I've read all those comments and grades on how good an onahole was !

My project now ? Try them, if I like it then... ordering other ones in a few month and then... try picking up a hips one, and finally when I'll have my own flat, job AND money... a mini doll =)

Bye bye handjob =)

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Re: how did you ended up using a onahole ?

Post by JasonSmith » 2016 Feb 15, 06:24

For me I was looking at porn videos on the internet and stumbled on to a video of someone using a hip toy called the "Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator" on a porn website like xhampster or YouJizz and I thought "damn that looks like it would be pretty fun to use" and so I started looking for hip toys on the internet and purchased the first hip toy on

I have tried several American hip masturbators but they all seem to have foam cores (their basically foam wrapped with rubber to save money) but if you poke any holes in the rubber or if anything tears your new expensive $200+ hip toy will start to smell bad because when you clean it in the shower water will go inside of the foam core and cause it to start getting soggy and break. One of the things that I love about most of the Japanese hip toys is that the majority of them are 100% rubber so you dont have to worry about a foam core getting damaged and water getting into it.


Re: how did you ended up using a onahole ?

Post by ninja1234 » 2016 Mar 22, 20:34

same as the person a few posts above. I used often and saw an ad for j-list. Went to the adult section and got interested in it but didn't really buy it since using my hands was just fine. After a while though (a year later maybe), I wanted something more but wanted to keep my virginity for someone special. I was actually considering buying a usb one for an H game but it was too expensive and decided against it. So I thought, wait, lemme test them first to see if its even worth using so I just got the cheapest one I could find, purchased it, tried it and enjoyed it. I was on cloud nine for a few minutes till the lubricant dried after 3 minutes >.<

Got a diff lube and was happy with it.