Am I making mistakes?

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Am I making mistakes?

Post by YatoTheGod » 2017 Mar 02, 01:20

I recently bought my first two onaholes about 5 days ago and I'm considering buying another one soon but I ran into an issue with my Virgin Age Admission onahole. It's nowhere near as tight as it was the first tine. I turn in inside out for cleaning and I've used it 3 time and it's not as good as the first time. Is it because I'm turning it inside out? I turn the other one I have inside out but it still feels as good as the first time.


Re: Am I making mistakes?

Post by Vanheart » 2017 Mar 08, 04:47

Hi there! onahole first timer here aswel.

I believe your onahole is a double layer, and during cleaning it's not recommended that you turn it inside out, as this damages the structural integrity of the onahole.

I recall seeing a thorough cleaning tutorial video around here somewhere which explains that.