WAZ Shibori-Huyou

how good was your onahole ?

WAZ Shibori-Huyou

Post by SourMidori » 2016 Jan 26, 08:25

Hi Again,

The second onahole I will be reviewing is...

WAZ Shibori-Huyou by RIDE


I ordered this onahole to fill the little amount of money I had left on my amazon gift card, I don't expect much from it as it is so inexpensive, but lets take a look shall we?


Here's the front, its a pretty small box, as the cover depicts, its only 174g, a small onahole.


Hmm, interesting insides, lots of wierd bumps and crevices, reminds me of villi.


Comes with a complimentary tube of lube, I find this stuff to be quite nice.


And heres the onahole. The material is crazy soft, much softer than any onaholes I've tried. I guess its made of some type of foamy substance as there are lots of bubbles trapped in the skin. It doesn't have any odour so that's quite nice. It also seems to be more flexible than most other onaholes.

The feeling... well, you get what you pay for. There is a tiny bit of misalignment in the one I received, doesn't affect the performance too much, but one side of the onahole is thinner than the other. The stimulation is weak, firstly because the onahole has such thin sides that they provide no tightness, but also because the inner material is much too soft to actually give stimulation. The subtle folds still feel pretty nice. It took me long time to climax, around 30 minutes.

Also, the insides are only around 10cm, so you can't go the whole way in.

Cleaning was easy, could flip it with ease as the material is so soft, not sure about the durability as it is a pretty thin product.


Feeling and Pleasure - 5/10
Materials and Cleaning - 7.5/10
Packaging and addons - 4/10
Price - 8/10

You get what you pay for.
Stocking stuffer?

Note: Please provide feedback on my reviews and what I should include in my future ones. Also AkaiHebi notice me senpai. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.