J-list or NLS...?

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J-list or NLS...?

Post by Origin » 2015 Aug 23, 20:12

I've been wanting to buy my first Onanie Hole and lubricant and I've decided which ones to buy.The problem I have now is from which site to buy it from J-list or NLS. Some things that have risen questions are why J-list sells
"Daishuki Hold ~ Loving Girlfriend Onahole" for $45 USD while NLS sells the same product for $26.48 USD. Is there a reason for such a price difference? The total price I am to pay on J-list for the Onanie Hole, lubricant, and EMS Express ( which delivery is expected to be between 5 to 8 day and price being ($24.25 ) Total =$83.25 USD. The total price I am to pay for the same Onanie Hole, different lubricant (which costs -3 of J-list lube), and DHL delivery ( which expected arrival date is 1-3 days ( price of delivery is USD$37.00 ) on NLS Total= USD$73.46. Overall my question is NLS or J-list p.s I live in California if it relevant please help ASAP I NEED A ONANIE HOLE XP 0^0 thanks *~*

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Re: J-list or NLS...?

Post by AnonymousD » 2015 Aug 23, 23:01

AkaiHebi is better at this subject, but I'd say go for NLS. I don't know or care J-list's reason to sell so overpriced, maybe because they take effort in translating to english and expanding through social web. I've always ordered from NLS and never had a problem, altough I'm a bit worried about EMS and DHL shippings, since I think you're in more risk to get through customs, where you will have to pay extra money. Also, the more expensive is your order, the more risk there is to get customs. The e-packet is very cheap, around 15/17€, and to Spain it arrives in less than 2 weeks, somtimes even 5 days! (both NLS and J-list ship from Japan, so go with NLS).

Hope it helps, if not, read around the site, like here
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Re: J-list or NLS...?

Post by AkaiHebi » 2015 Aug 24, 21:41

To answer you about the price difference, take a look at those shops :)
- J-List is a family business, with a warehouse right next to their home, with a handful employees, limited storage space, few stocks → not very good supplier deals
- NLS is a medium business (this is NLS), with a gigantic warehouse, likely more than 30 employees (actually over 60, according to job offer page), great deals
However, there are even more efficient business types. The ones who usually battle on Amazon Marketplace: those without warehouse ("on-demand resellers").

Standard ePacket/SAL shipping is a bit like "the gambler's choice": it's shipped using tourist aircrafts, so depending how full the airplanes are, the packet can be waiting for a few days in the outward exchange office at Haneda Airport. Once landed in your country, it can take a couple more days for normal post service to bring it to you.

EMS/DHL instead are being processed faster, fly on cargo aircrafts, and then are routed to fast delivery to you. It's faster and you can more accurately know which day it comes. You said California: customs in USA usually don't add taxes and import duties on EMS/DHL shipping, unlike many Euro countries. Usually for americans, EMS is a good choice (and I get the feeling you're in a hurry ^^).

ps: when ordering on NLS, set the currency to Yen. For some reason the exchange fee of Paypal costs less if you do it on your side instead of NLS. Saves you a few bucks.

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International Transaction : USA <--> Japan

Post by Larketh » 2015 Aug 25, 11:46

If your package is inspected upon entering the USA, you are charged a hefty fee for the privilege. I forget how much.

Reversing a transaction with the notorious PayPal, you pay the conversion fee twice! -- once for U$D to ¥en and once for the reverse.