Review: Koinma Deru Deru Horn

how good was your onahole ?
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Review: Koinma Deru Deru Horn

Post by DevilsToyChest » 2017 Oct 31, 16:09

Being new to this, I really don't know where to start. Maybe a good place to start would be getting some 'Outer' demons off the check list. So of course, here comes a toy from hell. A little devil should do well to begin.

Lets start with something that came out a year ago, but never got much of a reputation, good or bad. It kind of flew under the radar to many. Which toy is this? This is the Koinma DeruDeru Horn-Little Devil onahole, from the smaller brand Toy's Love.
Box Art
image (1).jpeg
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Now here comes a toy that requires you to tame her. What do I mean by that? As well as being based off of an original character named Lilith, she will try her best to keep you out. Just trying to get inside shows how much of a devil she can be. Sliding off with ease until broken in, you better hope it doesn't hit the wall. But once she is broken in, you can really start to enjoy your girl.

Even though its cheap, it's more than worth the money. Weighing 220 grams, it can create a sense of pleasure using those teeth that somebody who is extra sensitive won't be able to stand. In fact, most people would who aren't would have a hard time too. Rows of teeth, jagged enough to scrape every part, but focus on the end; that's what makes it different from many. Of course that's not the only good thing about it, so lets continue.
image (4).jpeg
At only 13.5 cm, it may look small from the outside, but it can still take in somebody (or something) bigger than it seems. An inside of only 10 cm, but able to stretch while staying tight. There is more than enough for you to fill, without any discomfort at all. Its very durable, able to last many rounds (even consecutive), allowing for a long night. Another big advantage is that it can have a vacuum tight seal, which can silence it almost completely if need be. But of course, who wants that? The biggest issue is that sometimes the teeth will lock you in, but other than that, it's able to let you move well even with only a tiny bit of lotion.

The pack of lotion that comes packed with it is bigger than what comes with some toys this size, and can really help you along. Just a bit thicker than say... pancake syrup, it doesn't have the same stick as it though. Giving a smooth ride; while not absorbing quickly, it can last you a couple of rounds without reapplying. The pack can last you a few times, but isn't the best stuff you can get for this toy. In reality, something a bit thinner could be better. The cute girl sure can't be beat though, making the pack something to keep even when empty.
image (5).jpeg
Lotion Packet
When done with the toy, clean up is quite easy. A quick wash with soap and warm water on the inside and out, and your normal bacterial spray if you want. Drying is a bit different, as the teeth like to chew on cloths, making it hard to pull them out. Drip drying can be done as well, but takes a bit more time. A microfibres cloth on the outside is useful, and drying it like this allows you to not have to use talcum powder and other things. If the exterior is dried nicely, this toy remains un-sticky on the outside, and won't attract many things, such as hair and sweat.

Unless you're against using a toy that aims for a sensitive and vicious ride, than this small toy can be a great addition to your collection. A low cost, medium-high durability, and a less seen niche, all make it more than worth it. A demon she may be, in more ways that one. Just make sure she doesn't eat you up completely.

Places to buy it: ... e?xid=8055