Taimanin Rinko Onahole

how good was your onahole ?
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Taimanin Rinko Onahole

Post by johndoe1545 » 2018 Oct 03, 08:34

Hey guys, I'm John, an Asian with member's of slightly above average size. My English is a bit sub-par so I hope you all can bear with me. Without further ado, I bring you, Taimanin Rinko Onahole, by PPP.

The box is by no doubt, is large. Larger than the onaho itself, seriously why though? I have Sujiman Kupa Lolinco and the box size is way larger as well.
As you can see, the art itself is very nice especially how she spreading herself for you, and it portray some information about the onaho as well.

Back on the box size issue, the blank space in there is so big you can fit in small bottle of lotion as freebie as well. But nope, all they give is a condom-package-looking lotion. I felt this like a rip-off.
The onaho is double packed one is normal plastic bag, another is vacuumed one (talk about safety issue). The lotion is enough for 2-3 uses. It has this nuru-nuru (slippery) feel unlike MagicEyes one where it is gel-like.

And the main course! The Onaho itself. Ready for some juicy pictures.
Front view
Back view
Side view
Top view
Bottom view
Damn it look small and tight.

The onaho itself is sculpted nicely. Detailed, Thicc and Juicy. The only downside is the top part of the onaho, the pictures may not capture it but the design is just urghhhh. It also featured a small entrance hole to avoid lotion leakage when using the onaho which we will cover it in the next part.

Extra view
Comparing it with my other onaho, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco
As you can see, she is extra Thicc and Juicy compared to my other onaho. Maybe that's where the additional weight goes to.

This onaho feels somewhat ticklish yet stimulating. To explain, I have to use this image as reference to describe the feeling along the way.
Let's start with the material itself, it's TPE but way more soft than my other onaho. It feels more like Papakiki parody onaho kind-of soft (not in pictures cause I broke it in few uses and disposed already). The softness just make it difficult to feel the extent of her body. The bumps/lumps inside offer some good feelings, gliding on your member, tickling and stimulating. However, if you are on larger side of size, this simulation might not do much for you, go look at Sujiman big version instead.

Upon reaching Point3, it will hug your member nicely offering extra feelings before reaching the end room, Point 4. Maybe the aim is to stimulate your member head and underside at point4? Who knows, cause I for one, can hardly read Japanese. Able to squeeze those puppies just add in more fun.

Like any other Taimanin series made by PPP, it has small entrance hole. The manual said it's to avoid leakage when you using the onaho and not make a mess. Good point cause you already making some mess trying to insert into it. Trying to get it inside is a chore but once you get pass it, the fun begin. Again, if you are larger than average Asian, avoid this at all cost, as you might be in risk of ripping the hole apart.

I'm sure you all know the drill right now on how to clean onaho. But I wouldn't recommend turning it inside out as you can easily tear the entrance hole. The other downside is that when you drying her off and put on powder. She have big boobs, making the underboob side is harder than any other part to clean. That goes to other nook and cranny as well.

Because this onaho is not available in my country, I have to ship it from neighbor country. Considering currency conversion and shipment, it cost me about 60$. Expensive but kind of worth it.

The feeling is nice but I prefer Yukikaze type (it's not available in my country as well. FML). I wish they use harder TPE like MagicEyes instead, because in that way, those lumps/bumps will feel even great.

Final score
Feeling & pleasure - 8/10 (those bumps/lumps feel great, would give higher score if harder TPE is used)
Cleaning & material - 7/10 (cleaning those underboobs might be a chore & Harder TPE please)
Packaging & addons 6/10 (Rip-off lotion but sexy arts though)
Price - 9/10 (from what I've seen, it's cheap in western country so it's worth it)

Edited = Sorry it was missing some images earlier, it's my first time here writing review. But rest assured, this review will edited along the way to give more in depth feeling.

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Re: Taimanin Rinko Onahole

Post by AnonymousD » 2018 Oct 05, 11:28

Hi there, great review! I really like how you used our style when composing your review, you took good pictures (although quality could improve) and explained everything very well! I'm glad to see people sharing onaho-knowledge here, something not done very often.
So this onahole looks nice in the pictures, as for internal structure at least. I like soft onaholes with a lot of meat around them to squeeze, so I might consider it for the future. I've also watched the hentai it's based on some time ago, nothing out of the ordinary, lol.
Anyway, thanks for the review!
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Re: Taimanin Rinko Onahole

Post by johndoe1545 » 2018 Oct 05, 15:11

Thanks man, been reading your's and others review for a while now. I cant get real-time interior pictures because it was expensive for me and cutting the only one I have is such a waste. Maybe I'll do it if the onaho broke? Who know what the interior looks like by that time.