Ronins ongoing review thread

how good was your onahole ?
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Ronins ongoing review thread

Post by Ronin94 » 2018 Dec 11, 05:21

I recently bought my first box of onaholes with over 15 in my order. I couldn't find reviews on most of them so I figured I might help out by doing a review thread here. For the most part I will not be posting photos and will make a new post for each onahole reviewed. The is the list of items I ordered from kanjo toys is below with 1 exception (they were out link to item where I ordered it from ) All items can be found on there website by searching for them and I am for the most part not going to post photos as what is there is good enough. Last things to note are I live in the US and have never used anything other than just my hand to get off before not even lotion. I also dont know if any of this will matter for review purposes but I am circumstanced about 6 inches long and 2 fingers around hard (using this way of measuring so I can use it for the onaholes too.) All reviews will use included lube unless stated otherwise.


Schoolgirl Saliva Lotion
Shojo Virgin Saliva Sweet Lubricant
High School Student Saliva Lubricant
Onatsuyu Onahole Lotion
Lubricant Lotion Mixing Adjustment Kit

Cleaners and Utilities

USB Onahole Warmer (1st review)
Hole Cleaner for Onaholes (1st review)
G Project Pepee Lubricant Body Cleaner Spray (1st review)
G Project Hole Quick Dry Keisodo Stick for Onaholes (1st review)
Super Wash Masturbator Cleaning Nozzle

Onahole Care and Maintenance Set (this was missing I will update this once I have resolved it with customer service)


Reviews in order

Strong Suction Long Tongue Fellapuccino


Fellatio Sloppy Blow Job Mouth Onahole
Zetsugi Sugofella Stroke Satomi Nonomiya Porn Star Blow Job
I Love Cock Mikan Kururugi Long Tongue Blowjob Onahole
3D-scanned Kizuna Sakura Clone Blow Job Mouth
La Bocca Della Verita Perorin Blow Job Onahole
Climax Vacuum Idol Lips Blow Job Onahole
Hina's Small Mouth Pussy
Hanjuku Pero Pero Tight Blowjob Mouth Onahole
La Bocca Della Verita Blow Job Onahole
Puni Ana F Onahole
Himekano Secret Lover Gyaru Onahole
Julia Plus Porn Onahole
Meiki Sarah Masturbator
La Bocca Della Verita Soft Mouth Edition Onahole
Lipdoll Japanese Teenager Blow Job Mouth Onahole
Sugo-Fella Amazing Blow Job Onahole
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Re: Ronins ongoing review thread

Post by Ronin94 » 2018 Dec 11, 06:06

I am just going to get a bunch out of the way that doesn't matter much in this review. All boxes came on the same day and I opened all of the onahole boxes. Some were in bags inside there boxes others clamshells but all were in usable condition. First impressions of all of them were they are gummyer than I expected and one or 2 had some defects (will post a picture of a major one when I post its review) but as near as I could tell were fine as I have never seen one before. A few of them the insides were stuck together but once I pried them apart they looked fine. One or two boxes smelled like chlorine when I first opened them but the smell faded quickly.

With that out of the way on to my first review the Strong Suction Long Tongue Fellapuccino ... -4083.html

The only thing to note here from the start is there is a small ring shaped divot on the tongue of this onahole.

I am going to just walk through this as it also reviews a few utility items. I started by pluging in the USB Onahole Warmer ... -2424.html with a spare outlet plug I had lying around. According to google translate I needed to let it warm up for about 3 minutes and then heat the onahole for another 3 so that's what I did and it did what it was supposed to. I used the included lube with the warmer to both get the warmer in and warm the lube. I will say there was way to much in the included packet and a good bit leaked out. After this I started to try to use the onahole soft. I will say getting started was sloppy but what can I say? Its my first time using anything other than my hand. Once I finally got hard and was exploring the toy I noticed how little sensation the front of the toy was providing even once I started pushing in to the back of the toy the tongue was not doing what I had hoped for my balls. I noticed the tongues on almost all the oral onaholes I ordered are almost perfectly smooth rather than bumpy like they should be. Once I finally got in to the back of the toy that's where the sensation was but I have to say it was still less than what I was expecting. It was still better than using my hand but not what I had hoped. Don't get me wrong I can take over an hour with just my hand and came in about 5 minutes with the toy but I still feel like the sensation was lacking. I will also say it kind of felt like fucking jello but I get the feeling all of them are going to be that way more or less. I will say I did like the grip cutouts and I do think they helped.

Over all 2.5-3 out of 5 nothing exceptional but better than my hand

After I was done I left the toy in the sink while I cleaned myself with the G Project Pepee Lubricant Body Cleaner Spray ... -4261.html and I am not sure I used this right. (If you have and got better results please share) I still felt sticky after using it and wiping it off so I then tried a baby wipe and that still didnt feel right so I finally just wet my hand a few times and wiped it before towing it off. After that I rinsed the onahole in the sink until I couldn't feel anything other than water. I then used the G Project Pepee Anti-bacteria Onahole Cleaner (I got this from otonaJP the one Item I didn't get from kanjo and it is linked in the last post) using about a US half dollar sized amount of suds to run through the onahole again then I did the same with the Hole Cleaner for Onaholes ... -2185.html this time only using like 6 drops as it foamed like crazy (I might not need both of these but if I am not mistaken one is a soap and the other is a deodorant but please let me know if I am wrong) I then after thoroughly rinsing it out again I put in the G Project Hole Quick Dry Keisodo Stick for Onaholes ... -2185.html and rubbed the onahole with it inside for about 40 seconds. (Instructions said to do it for 30) After pulling it out the stick still felt bone dry and because I wanted to be sure I took a paper towel to the inside of the onahole and it came back bone dry. (I didn't use my fingers because the gummyness makes it feel moist to me so it would be hard for me to tell by feel) I then finally just paper toweled off the onahole warmer to get the lube off of it.

10/10 on the drying stick. I did not expect it to work that well and its reusable.

Everything else other than the body spray worked as expected with the deodorant being slightly more potent than expected meaning it will last longer.