Looking for a Rina replacement

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Looking for a Rina replacement

Post by Anon » 2017 Mar 16, 04:51

As the title says, I'm looking for a new onahole to replace my Rina. Sujiman Kupa Rina and Lolinco were my first two onaholes and I love both, I definitely like Rina a lot more since it gets me there slowly. I'm looking for something similar as the layers have been separating and the inside layer is started to wear near the front.

Things I'm looking for:
- similar feeling, maybe just a slight bit tighter or harder material maybe? (Lolinco is too tight)
- similar in length (inserted length, not total onahole length)
- relatively easy to clean (as Lolinco is a pain sometimes)
- cervix feeling at the end
- outer appearance (not as important)

I might be open to maybe a hip onahole, but I feel like maintenance would take a lot longer on those. Worst comes to worst, I'd probably invest in another Rina if there isn't a great alternative.

Thanks for the help!