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Fap Heroes questions

Post by Tapu » 2017 Jan 18, 14:29

I thought last night to try out one Fap Hero (I wanted for a long time). I couldn't last more than 4 - 5 minutes, though in my defense I was already masturbating for like 10 - 15 minutes. But I have a few question for people who probably know..

Does your stamina increases throughout doing this for a long time?
When you are about to nut, do you just pause the video and wait to calm down or what?
If someone has the grip death syndrome, do you think it's a negative to use these videos while trying to "cure" the syndrome assuming he isn't using force to fap and lots of lube?

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Re: Fap Heroes questions

Post by AkaiHebi » 2017 Jan 23, 22:51

The thing about the stamina, I think it has to be more mental than anything else. Mainly: getting slowly bored and less sensitive of hentai anime.
When you're about to nut... then let yourself nut ^^ you must concede defeat. You can rest a bit, but you have to restart the whole fap hero video !
In case of DGS, it can make the fap less boring I guess ?